Whores, and the Bounty on their Head

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Hey, it’s Dirty Darril again. I know, I haven’t posted a story in a few weeks, and I don’t feel that I need to apologize to you assholes for the delay. You need to realize that I don’t just write babble for the sake of meeting a deadline. I mean, I could write about baseball and calls to my cell, but that would just be babble if I went to the games and used my cell, now wouldn’t it? I have a topic this week…care to listen?

Let’s talk about women. Oh, I know many of you are passing judgment already. You people need to just sit back and shut the fuck up and listen.

Women have it easy in this world. I realize that a select few have it hard, but who told you to give up everything and have a baby at 16 or 17? That was the point at which you decided that you would achieve nothing. You thought, or probably didn’t think, that that night with the purple passion and the guy saying he loved you, would come to something.

Wow! Now you’re a mom. Pathetic. Where is this guy now? You don’t know and have stopped trying to find him. Finding him would just invalidate your stupid status as a mom, not that you are one, you just pretend in front of company. But behind closed doors, we know how selfish and hateful you are. Now your point in life is just to squeeze more and more money from the people that work while you sit back and achieve shit because you are a person held down and looked upon….

Fuck you!

Your lack of judgement and education does not mean I owe you shit. Our fucked up system says I do and they take the money from me without asking. It’s robbery if you ask me. I don’t ask you to give me the money for my lap dance that got carried away and I blew my load in some strippers hand or hair do I? Well, then is it fair for me to buy your snot-nosed bastard frosted flakes and kool-aid? Fuck you and your kids.

Now, while we are on the subject of free money let’s talk about vagina-mony. Why do women feel like they deserve a monthly payment for staying in a marriage that they wanted in the first place? You said yes, right? For better or worse, right? When it became worse he now owes you money? For what? To maintain your lifestyle that you had while you were married to him? Whatever. Go back to what you had before you were married and just deal with it. How good is your pussy anyway? Oh yeah? That good…then in no time you will con another guy into your twisted web of bullshit and lies and won’t need Mr. Pay-My-Bills-After-I-Leave-You.

Let’s face it, just because you are the ones that actually bear the children you think you’re worth more than you are. Don’t forget that you need male sperm to do that. Then you need a person to take care and support your ass while you milk out your childbirth and how your back hurts and let’s not forget the excuse of why you shove food in your face like you do…
“Oh, I’m eating for two now….”
Whatever. The breathing tumor growing in your belly doesn’t even have a fully developed head yet, I really don’t think that you got some fetus signal saying it was craving a Big Mac.

I could go on and on, but I’m as bored with this story as I am with the useless babble I have to endure trying to select one of you that I can actually listen to. Maybe my Grandfather was right, If women didn’t have a pussy there would be a bounty on them.

Dirty Darril

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