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UUUUGGGGHHH!!!! I’m surrounded by Idiots!

Sometimes I just want to fucking lose it.

Perhaps some of you have noticed that if not for this website there would be a few of us out there killing people and planning mass murders. Thank goodness for worldfullofidiots.com.

The amount of idiocy I’m exposed to on a daily basis is overwhelming.

First off, I need to get the fuck away from Facebook. What makes me think that I’m going to change anyone’s minds when I call them out on their bullshit? I am one self-deluded fuck. If it isn’t the “Thank you, Jesus” posts it’s the damn “Prayer in School” Cut & Paste bullshit. It really makes me welcome the pictures of people’s beer/food/ugly kids.

Secondly, I get into an argument prompted by a Lady Gaga song. I dig her music and find her to be very talented. Someone had to say how she was disgusting, basically because she was pro-gay then went on to agree with the Rick Santorum Gay Parent in Prison comment. Fuck!

I’m surrounded by idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(45 minutes later)

Whew, I feel much better.

I’m surely not the only person out there to feel this anxiety of being surrounded and bombarded by idiocy. Does it ever reach a saturation point and you just lose it?

Why are people so fucking stupid?

I’m all for tolerance and people having a right to their opinion but why do we have to put up with such bullshit? I say fuck it. Why should we? I say call people out on their bullshit. When you speak with someone that agrees with outdated dogmatic bullshit treat them with the same respect you would if they are a Westboro Baptist Church Sign Maker.

Thanks for reading. You just saved lives. Because if I didn’t have this outlet to vent with I’d be incarcerated.