We Live In The Best Country In The World, Right? Apparently Not.

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The United States of America is a democratic country, meaning we live in a democracy, right? Sort of.

In truth, we were founded as a republic and a republic we are, or by modern terms a democratic republic, meaning a State with an elected representative government wherein the People may participate in a limited way by referendum.

I find from speaking with people about politics that most do not understand what a democracy really is, in that a true democracy is governance by direct participation on every issue. We don’t get to have our say in every issue, and that may be part of the reason we are as fucked up as we are. Our “leaders” get to make the real decisions and we get to hold the bag.

Interestingly enough I hear people say that we created democracy, which we didn’t, and neither did the French. It was first employed in Ancient Greece. We also DID NOT perfect it, since the Founding Fathers knew that true democracy would never really work, opting for a republic.

In case you don’t believe me, recite the Pledge of Allegiance… “and to the”..what? Republic!

Whatever term you use, we consider ourselves a democracy and I would bet that most of you figure we are the freest people on the planet with the highest level of personal liberty.

Well you’re wrong.

There are several groups that attempt to quantify freedom and liberty. The Heritage Foundation generates the Index of Economic Freedom, the United Nations has the Human Development Report, the Economist magazine produces the Index of Democracy.

The best we do in any of these, including the Erasmus University of Rotterdam’s Happiest Countries in the World is 8th place in the Index of Economic Freedom. We are a lowly 17th on the Happiest Countries List.

But of all the lists, we show up 18th on the Index of Democracy. Pretty bad, especially since we are shown to be less democratic than countries like Spain and Germany and all the Scandinavian countries, who are at the top of the list.

Hong fucking Kong is at the top of the Index of Economic Freedom, were 8th!

We are just one place above the Czech Republic for god sakes!

These lists all look a different aspects of democracy, like electoral process, civil liberties, the distribution of power within government, property rights, business freedom, freedom from corruption, government spending, and trade freedom.

All things we are supposed to be the best at, at least we like to think we are.

It doesn’t matter what political party you affiliate yourself with, they both fuck us out of our freedom. There is no good guys and bad guys scene playing out in Washington, because they are all bad, just varying degrees of bad.

When you go to vote in a few days, remember that we used to be at the top of the list of freest countries in the world, that we used to look up to by other nations as a model of freedom, liberty and democracy.

But now were just a CT above a country that was fucking communist until 1989 and Hong Kong tops one of the charts!

Come on people, wake up!

With all due respect,
The Chief

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