Uncle Ted has lost his mind

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If anything, Ted Nugent is entertaining.

My older brother was a big fan of his when I was growing up and I thought “Cat Scratch Fever” and “Free For All”  were pretty cool songs way back when.

Since then he’s used his celebrity to promote his stance on gun rights and gun control. I agree with him on where he stands on a lot of the gun issues but he has turned into a bona fide Conservative nut job.

Now, I used to be very conservative and I still am on a number of issues but the things I can’t stand and drove me away from that side is the staunch refusal to look at the issues with an open mind. This is exactly what’s gotten me to believe that Sweaty Teddy has gone off the deep end.

Of course he’s been in the news lately a lot with his wacky quotes about the President and Secretary of State and cutting off their heads in November. Don’t get me wrong, that shit’s crazy. But what really has set me off is a recent local radio program he was on last week.

The Dave Glover Show is a local talk radio show on 97.1 here in St. Louis. I listen to it solely on podcast. 97.1 is a conservative talk radio station but Dave Glover’s show is far from that. Unfortunately I don’t have time to expand on how crazy-awesome his show is. Maybe some other time.

But I digress, back to Ted.

A caller calls in and makes a reasonable statement about corporate bailouts. When it’s Ted’s turn to respond the first thing he asks the caller is what his age is. His age is 35. Ted then proceeds by telling the caller to respect his elders and then goes on a to make his pro-Romney point. He has some decent points but his dismissiveness of the guys age is hanging there in my mind. It’s not like the guy was 25. He’s 35. A much more reasonable age.

Ted continues to give his opinion of the Travon Martin case, insulting the prosecutor in his own special way, and takes a few more calls. He tells a 60-year old man to respect his elders (Ted’s 63 you see) when he disagrees with him. WTF?

This guy has totally lost his mind. Rock and Roll hasn’t done it…Conservatism has!

Why is it that all the nutballs are on the Right side? I’m sure there’s some on the left but they sure as hell aren’t in the limelight like Rick Santorum, Glenn Beck and good ole Uncle Ted.

I’m so fucking sick of yahoos like this guy further dividing this country and turning everything into “Us vs. Them”.

Guess what Ted? Nothing is that simple. Especially when you have a great country like ours that has such diversity. Different opinions, viewpoints, sensibilities, tastes, sexual preferences, religious beliefs (or lack of). The list goes on. We can all coexist together if we learn to respect each other, no matter our differences.

Not ONE way is right. Open your mind and shut your mouth every now and then.


– Darth