Three Quick Thoughts About The Movie Theater Shooting

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Why are there so many crazies with guns in Colorado? In case you’ve forgotten the Columbine High School shooting took place in Colorado. There have been 6 mass-shooting in the state since Columbine.

Secondly, we need to revise our penal system to include “punish similar to crime” executions. They need to put this piece of shit in a movie theater and start shooting randomly until he’s hit and allowed to bleed out on the floor.

Lastly, would better gun control laws that keep just anyone from buying a gun or allowing anyone from owning a “barrel magazine” have prevented this or would conceal and carry laws that are honored and allow the public to carry a weapon into a place like a theater have given  someone the opportunity to shoot this prick before he was able to hurt so many people?


What do you think?

The Chief