Te caigo el cuchillo o disparamos!

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I’m sure you’re aware of the riots going on in LA protesting the shooting of Manuel Jamines by the LAPD.

If not, here’s a little recap: Last Sunday afternoon three bicycle cops were flagged down by citizens and told that there was a drunk guy at McArthur Park yielding a knife and threatening people. The officers told him to put down the knife in English AND Spanish but he refused. Jamines lunges at the officers, they shoot him dead.

Now, for the next two to three days there were riots in front of the LAPD headquarters. People throwing eggs, tossing household items from apartment buildings, rolling metal trash bins, shooting things from slingshots while shouting “Assassination, Assassination.”

This mob is the epitome of Idiots. They are one of the major reasons assholes like me have a website like this.

I’ve always been raised to respect law enforcement. Not necessarily like them but to respect their “authoritah”. I’m not a big fan of cops. I’m sure there’s some real pricks out there. But they have to be. It’s part of their training. It’s what keeps them alive.

My father always taught me that no matter how the situation is when involving law enforcement always use “yes, officer” or “no, sir”. Too many people these days have been raised on “F the Po-leece!”

Now this doesn’t mean that you should trust the government or just do what they say without question. Far from it, our government is a bunch of fucking incompetent crooks! What I AM saying is that if the cops are telling you to put down the weapon, (in English or ANY language) PUT THE FUCKING WEAPON DOWN OR YOU CAN BE KILLED.

Do I really need to tell you people that?

Probably not. If you’re reading this site, you’re probably one of the few people who get it.

I’m probably wrong about that though.


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  1. The Chief
    September 15, 2010 at 1:14 pm

    This reminds me of my post about people ignoring the police when they are threatened with tazoring. http://worldfullofidiots.com/index.php?id=8019929726020039048

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