Stop Your Crying! You lost, we lost. We are all screwed and its not because Trump won.

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I am an admitted sore loser. Ask anyone that knows me and they will likely say so, especially if you ask in the context of a board or card game. I suck at them the most. I am pretty sure the universe is completely against me the second I sit down at a game.

I, however, do not cry about losing.

I get mad.

I get even.

The election, as anyone with a pulse can tell you, has come and gone. Trump won. Hillary lost.

But not just Hillary.

Johnson lost.

Stein lost.

And that other guy with that other third party I’ve never heard of lost.

More importantly, we all lost. Not because Trump is some kind of monster. Not because Hillary was going to save us. Not because of any of the stupid reasons people are crying about on Facebook and Twitter.

We all lost because we have all lost our sense of what being united means.

We live in this magical place with united in the name, but we have forgotten that what has always made us special, what has always set us apart from the rest of the world in that we have always been able to come together when it counted.

That seems to not be happening now.

Instead, we are telling our family members that voted differently that we would have liked to fuck-off. We are calling our friends racists and homophobes. Instead of trying to reach across what seems like a much wider divide than it really is, we are slapping each other across the face with hate and vitriol.

Shame on us.

The world is watching and is in shock. Not just because many non-Americans see Trump as a nut but because they can’t believe that one election has turned us against each other.This of course works into the hands of our enemies in ways most people can’t imagine. It proves that point that we are spoiled, lazy and undereducated.

The crying, the nasty comments on social media, the hand-waving histrionics on the news need to end. We need to all step away from our keyboards and our media outlets that feed us with only information we agree with and look at each other and remember who we are.


Not Democreeps. Not Republican’ts. Not Liberals. Not Conservatives.


And its time we fucking act like it.

 -The Chief