Stan Lee Predicted the End Times!

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My goodness!

Did you realize 9/11 was predicted way back in 1972?
It was in Avengers #37.
Or that the earthquake in Japan was prophecized in Iron Man Annual #5.
You don’t know all this?
It’s all there in CMYK!
Of course radical Muslims didn’t attack New York City it was Hydra and there wasn’t an earthquake it was the power-hungry Mandarin.

All kidding aside, that paragraph of bullshit was inspired by the below status update that’s floating around Facebook. If you didn’t run across it here it is:
Sept 11th (NewYork) Jan 11th (Haiti) and March 11th (Japan)……..Luke 21:10-11 Then jesus said to his disciples : “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom There will be great earthquakes’, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven. ‘Jesus says for behold I come quickly,’ So ask yourself r u ready? Sad to say, many won’t repost this message.
Let’s just face it: shit happens.
Not because the Bible predicted it or that it’s all part of God’s plan because he works in mysterious ways.

Horrible shit happens that’s so terrible that people feel the need to justify or explain why it happened or give credit to someone or something to make them better understand things that they can’t fathom.
(With the exception of 9/11 of course, we know who the cock suckers were who did that)

My point is that you can read meaning into anything if you want to believe it. Just look at what a certain someone did with the White Album.

What disgusts me most about this whole thing is that it trivializes the losses of life by attempting to inject someone’s God-fearing agenda.
Guess what? This isn’t about you idiot.
Anyone who posts Bible quotes calling out the end of the world or just commenting about how the Christians are going to be OK when all is said and done should be ashamed of themselves.
No very Christ-like if you ask me.
Jesus would be ashamed of you.

Let the hate mail flow.

  5 comments for “Stan Lee Predicted the End Times!

  1. The Rev
    March 19, 2011 at 6:21 am

    No hate mail Darth, only sympathy. Sympathy to you that your comics & sic-fi films have so distorted your thinking that you deny all the things that God has put right in front of you to show you He exists. To discount tge accuracy of His prophecies is just denial in hopes if you wish it hard enough, He'll just go away and you won't have to deal with Him. Poison kills whether you believe it or not. Jumping off a building with no parachute is dangerous whether you believe it or not and you will answer to the Lord whether you believe it or not. You're not just going to wish Him away. You, Chief and Brady are never gonna ride around in Jetson cars, or fight out back with light sabers. The world only ends for idiots that really believe "sometimes shit just happens". Cute by the way. So yes, people that act like God is going to destroy the world are idiots too. I'll say like I often have to you and anyone else who I care about…actually read the Bible like you do your comics, romance novels, self help books and whatever other BS crap you so intensely memorize or educate yourself with. It can't be denied. Hatred of Israel, persecution of the Jews, man's love of money and the means he will go to get it, God's dealing with those who come against Israel, the 10 commandments being the basis for all law, "the gays" heh heh, the worldwide rising of Islam, etc, etc. That's a lot of coincidences Darth by man. You're a cool dude, it seems you have a great life, the little I know about you. I know you're wicked smart. So stop being an idiot. Stop being pissed your mom made you sit through Catholic precession after Catholic precession. God doesn't care for the Catholic church either dude. Read the Bible with has much anticipation and excitement as you did when you found out Stan Lee had come up with the new Spidey villain Venom. You might learn something, you might even be "amazed" by its accuracy and above all, you might spare get the power to live forever!!!! Would that be neat Darth? Eternal life? Friggin Stan Lee never came up with that idea did he. Stop being an idiot you jackass. You're right, sometimes shot just happens but there are things God has and will do to show us He exists in hopes we start to believe and make some changes so He can reward us with His blessings. It always amazes me when people act like a Christian talks about this stuff it's viewed as bad or mean. Christians, the real ones I'm talking about do it because we care about you jackasses. There's no benefit for me other than you might turn your life to Christ and we can party to infinity and beyoooond!!! I'm not going to ask you to drink poisoned koolaid and call me The Father you idiots. Anyway, cute post Darth. No one hates you although you are a shifty bastard. Shape up dude, stop letting all that sci-fi stuff distort your thinking. God's coming soon. I don't know when and I don't know whether the Japan thing was a sign of His, but He's coming whether you believe it or not…idiot. Later, you pagan dog…

    The Rev

  2. Darth Taco
    March 19, 2011 at 6:58 am

    It's funny Rev, I've read the Bible many times over. Guess what? It's not the only book out there. It is a great book for wisdom, however, people take it as the ONLY source of morality out there. Man had morality well before that book existed.
    I way be a fan of Sci-Fi and comics. That should give us some common ground since you are obviously a fanatic of fantasy.
    See that? I didn't have to come right out and call you an idiot.

  3. The Rev
    March 19, 2011 at 7:15 am

    Fantasy is that man had morality way before God. God created man in the "real" world. It's the fantasy world so many people live in unfortunately. But you are right, the Bible is the only morality guide that matters. God isn't making suggestions or giving ideas of how He'd like us to live or just trying to scare us straight with consequences that aren't real. Everyone acts like they are insulted or bothered that God makes the rules and if you can't live like you want and believe what you want that's a bummer. I don't think He cares what "we" want. I don't think He's saying "let's make a deal…I think it's more this is the deal.". Earlier I for got to comment on your remark about professing of Christianity in times of trouble discounts the tragedy and death in the incident. Christians don't see death as finality. Death isn't a bad thing to me and neither is the comfort God gives me in any bad time. If those people that died are believers of Christ, they're better off than us right now, if not, my professing my Christianity is the least of their worries. If that is seen as uncaring or mean, Jesus will let me know. Now leave me alone, I'm at QT buying a breakfast burrito & a pop…

  4. Anonymous
    March 19, 2011 at 8:20 pm

    'Jesus says for behold I come quickly'

    what is this a porn site ? ! ? !

  5. Angrybrady
    March 19, 2011 at 11:34 pm

    Sorry to burst any bubbles here, specifically regarding statements regarding Islam in particular, but Islam, Christianity, and Judiasm all grew from the same root man… Question, who is the common thread in all three and trace their lineage to??? That's right, Abraham. All three basically have the same patriarch!! For fuck sake! When will we realize most major conflict throughout history arise from the BIG THREE and the shit they stir up amongst each other!! I have nothing against anyone that try's to live spiritually. I do have a problem with dogmatic inflexibility!

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