Real Unemployment and Why The Media Doesn’t Mention It

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The American economy added 163,000 new jobs for the month of July, 2012 and if you watch the network news or listen to any of the regular commentators on NPR, you’d think we were out of the economic ass-crack we’ve fallen into.

We are still a more than a little fucked, because the population is growing at a rate of a new worker every 13 seconds. That calculates to 202,000 new workers for the month of July.

So its a NET LOSS and that’s why the unemployment rate actually went up, which they fail to highlight.

A net loss, meaning even though we added 163k jobs there are more people unemployed today than there were a month ago.

Also, the media also likes to forget, as well as the president, that the 8.3% unemployment rate DOES NOT INCLUDE people that have given up on finding a job. Remember the unemployment rate is based on the number of people that are unemployed and seeking employment and receiving benefits. There are an additional 8-plus million people that have said “fuck it” and aren’t even bothering to find a job any more.

That would make the real unemployment rate over 10%, buuuuut you don’t hear them saying that either.

Let’s not even bother discussing the under-employed. Like the guy at Starbucks with a Masters in Engineering that can’t find a job in his field after 20 years so he’s a fucking barista instead.

So why don’t you hear them talking about the reality of unemployment in this country? I can’t say for certain, but I have a few ideas:

1) There is no denying the bias of the media. Notice I did not say the “liberal media” because the bias is broader than that. The network news people and most people on NPR are left-leaning, some more than others, but its impossible not to see it. Then of course you have Fox News and all the right-leaning talking heads on conservative media outlets.

Talking about these numbers does not help the liberals as they try to excuse the current president’s failure to deliver on his promises of a reinvirogated economy or a return to 4% unemployment (which by the way is considered via legislation as “full employment” given that there will always be a portion of the population that will never work).

The conservatives, Rush Limbaugh,, do talk about it but they get so out of hand with their own rhetoric that no one can stand listening for very long. They also tend to want to dumb everything down to “liberals bad, conservatives good”, which is a turn-off.

2) The media in general thinks we are all stupid and afraid and they fear that if we all knew about this there would be anarchy. As I mentioned in the last item, conservative want to monger fear without data and the liberals like to sugar coat everything. This leaves the majority of the population uninformed and as we all know, humans fear what they don’t understand. It would seem the media at large has decided we CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH (thank you Jack Nicholson).

3) Never assume that the media pundits and bobble-heads actually know anything themselves. They aren’t, for the most part, really concerned with true journalism anymore. They butter their bread now with sound bites and red-carpet photos. They have abandoned the ideals of true reporting, leaving behind the value of research and investigation, for more profitable ventures like talking about their Facebook and Twitter feeds and 50 word snippets taken out of context. So it’s easier to ignore the real issue in favor of pop-trash.

If I had to pick one reason it would be the first one I’m afraid, with the third a close second.

We now have to educate ourselves by digging in a bit deeper.

We will try to do some of the digging for you.

With all due respect,

The Chief