Real Review – Left Behind 3, Christian Video Game

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Let’s all grab a giant biscuit to sop up the ironic gravy of a Christian video game who’s main selling point is executing Atheists and Jews who refuse to convert.  As insidious as this game may be on a cosmic level, I find myself rooting for it despite my usual anti-Christian sympathies.

I try to be fair when it comes to free speech, but this game is just begging me to make an exception.  While I find its message disturbing and nefarious, I don’t find it to be any worse than other ultra violent video game on the market.  Left Behind 3: Rise of the Anti Christ is just another tiny band in a vast rainbow of shocking content available in the video game spectrum.  Is whacking Jews, Atheists, and other undesirables in this game any worse than killing a hooker to retrieve your trick money in Grand Theft Auto?  I don’t think so.  This title is just more glorified vitriol to move units of product, and who knows that game better than Christians?  Maybe the Kardashians, but that would be a different game entirely.

Before dismissing this gem to being above standard ridicule, let’s just take a moment to wallow in the contradiction of our old friends, the Dominionist Christians.  These are people who burn vast amounts of calories railing against violent video games.  Fundamentalist watch dog groups actually lobby to stop violent mainstream games from being made.  This is just another blatant example of how the rules only apply to other people.  While I see the value in letting these freaks make their twisted game, I won’t let the opportunity to lambaste their hypocrisy pass me by.  Can we all come together and bring this game up when we hear a believer complain about violent video games?  With any luck it will shut them up, worst case scenario they’ll just have to fall in line with free speech being for everyone.

As an Atheist, I’m a little wary about being among the slaughtered in this game.  It’s really kind of scary to think of a young gamer who is not only offing Jews and Atheists in a fantasy video game, but then going to church on Sunday and having this same fantasy validated and reinforced by adults.  Digital indoctrination is bad when the disciples are practicing killing non believers in a video game.  It’s downright terrifying to when you realize that this game’s premise is lock step with actual doctrine.  Good gaming, guys.

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