Puppetry In Motion…

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This election season, remember that watching the televised partisan debates is a puppet show. After Ross Perot embarrassed them in the early nineties, the Republicans and Democrats came together to rig the debates so that their shared interests could continue unopposed. i.e.; Special interest bribery.

The CPD (Commission on Presidential Debates) was formed by the Democrats and Republicans after the League of Women Voters stopped hosting the debates out of disgust from their neutering in the ’88 debates.

This commission is the SOLE body that decides who is allowed to participate in the televised debating. To think that either party Democrat or Republican will loosen their choke-hold on this event is foolish. They don’t want anyone involved that will ask them legitimate questions. They agree on questions, talking points, and even bar questions that neither party wants brought up. It’s so rigged, it’s ludicrous.


It’s almost surreal to see intelligent, passionate, people get so worked up about partisan politics. The primary people who are swayed by this hokum are low information voters, which unfortunately are the same people who usually decide the election. If you’re using these debates to choose a candidate, you are an uninformed voter. The lesser of two evils, is still evil.


Open corruption is rampant in Washington. Laws are buried in overly complicated bureaucracy to hide the fact that special interest money controls both parties. The bottom line is to follow the plans of their financial constituents. Real change is out of the question while the two major parties rig the system to keep the cash flow flowing to the people that pay them. Democrats and Republicans don’t want real change.


These debates are a poignant indicator that both parties protect one another to keep any real competition out of the game. This information is blatantly public, they don’t bother to squash it because the uninformed voter doesn’t care enough to look for it. It’s that bad.


Go now, and google “Commission on Presidential Debates”. The official site touts the fact that the debates are non partisan. This really blew me away because when you really get down to it, it’s kind of true. There is only one party, let’s call them the “Republocrats”. Two entries down on the main google search presents legitimate documentation of the creation of the CPD, and it’s open seizing of the debates.


There’s only one game in town: Corruption. You just happen to have two vendors that have different flavors of it. Picking either one is like not choosing at all. Voting Republican or Democrat is just keeping the fox in charge of the proverbial hen house. Only there are two foxes, and they can’t agree on how they are going to slaughter the chickens.


I don’t vote for a myriad of reasons, but this is a primary reason why. I’m involved more politically than the majority of people that will cast their so called ballets in November. I will vote again when I have a real “None of the Above” option on the ballot slip. I could go and help out Libertarian candidates by throwing in a vote every year or so, but they are so buried by the current system I don’t see the worth of getting behind someone who has ZERO chance of winning.


I’m a topical satirist, it’s my duty to be politically incorrect. What’s your excuse? Too busy to research? Even now, when it’s at your fingertips? Even after I’ve given you a starting point? Well friends, and faithful readers I can certainly ensure one thing: Partisan politics in America is a fixed fight.


I just hope that a few more people realize how duped the populous actually is. So, when the debates air I want you to remember this if you’ve read it. I hope you do. At the bare minimum turn it off. You’re wasting time and electricity. Executive politics is like a pro wrestling match, yes people do get hurt…..but the outcome was decided a long time ago.


Thanks for reading, and happy voting!