Protect Your Children!!!

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As a parent raising a child without religion I  didn’t find it very difficult to avoid questions on religion. It rarely came up.

When my son started figuring out the whole Santa-Lie thing I went ahead and explained that daddy didn’t believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny or the Invisible Man in the Sky. I explained that many people do and it’s up to him, as an adult, to figure it out for himself and that’s it’s a grown-up decision. I raised him to think for himself and was very much against indoctrination. Now, when he asked what I believed I told him but explained that he didn’t have to believe what I believed. I was just an agnostic then, not a full-blown Atheist.

There wasn’t many instances that I remember where religion came up with his friends or relatives. Grandma and Grandpa were religious. His mom wasn’t overtly religious as far as I remember.

However, it isn’t very easy to avoid religion while living in the midwest these days. Every tenth billboard is some new fangled non-denominational church that has a hip name like Crossroads or The Bridge or has some ego-maniac preacher promoting his show on local television. Thank goodness he’s becoming an adult now.

I never really noticed until a couple months ago that religion is starting to permeate onto the internet more and more. But relax, Free Thinking Parents. There’s now a tool to shelter your children from all that crazy Christianity stuff on the internet!

Check out How ingenious. Here’s the original article that a friend forwarded to me:


– Darth