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Patridiotspa·tri·ot  – n. – One who loves, supports, and defends one’s country.
I’m nerdy when it comes to words. I love etymology and have always tried to improve my vocabulary my whole life (although I don’t always pronounce them right, as The Chief would attest).
Language and the words we use are constantly evolving, or devolving as some would say. Just in our lifetimes the amount of words that morph or are introduced is staggering.
There are some words out there whose meanings change in a short amount of time.  It’s not that big of a deal. Language is constantly changing. However, there’s a change that’s taking place that I, for one, am not comfortable with, and neither should you.
Patriot is not a word that Americans came up with but it’s pretty safe to say that it means more to us than any other country. Our patriotism is what helped us survive our independence, our differences, and at more than one occasion, save the world.
Now, there are some true assholes out there who are twisting this vital word to their own purposes. Whether it be some dickheads in government who want to take more control of our privacy and freedoms and trade it in for a false sense of security, or some Fox News asshole who separates the patriots from the pinheads (while peddling coffee mugs and T-shirts).
Now we have a company that’s using the slogan “Taking America Back…One Beer at a Time.”
The name of the brew?
You guessed it: American Patriot Beer from The All American Beer Company.
Tell me there isn’t some opportunist motivations here.
Most of us at WFI are based in St. Louis, the home of Anheuser-Busch. A/B was bought out a couple years ago by InBev, a Belgian company. It was a pretty big deal and pissed off a lot of St. Louisans (especially the ones who lost their jobs).  The AABC touts that they are more American and patriotic than A/B in that they are completely American owned and all of their beer is made here in the States. From a St. Louis viewpoint, it’s not even brewed here. It’s brewed in another state.
Their target audience is obviously the everyday schlub who consumes mass quantities of Bud and Bud Light. I’m not a big fan of either, although I will have a Bud every now and then when a decent craft beer is not available. It’s very clear that they are hyping the mediocre here. Take my word for it. They’re not going to be stealing any revenue from New Belgium, Boulevard or Schlafly’s. I would think they won’t even put a dent into A/B, Coors, or Miller.
Do not fall for this shit. The beer you buy is not going to make you more Patriotic. None of your buddies are going to be at the Independence Day cookout thinking you’re a Commie bastard for not drinking a beer with the American flag on it. It doesn’t show your love, support and in no way defends this country and it’s ideals. In fact, if you fall for their rather clever way of shilling idiots, why the fuck are you on this site?
I find this kind of advertising by anyone to be in very poor taste. I also kind of think it’s insulting to our men and women in service. Those are patriots.
One last thing, stay away from any website that has the word patriot in it. More than likely they’re just a bunch of far-right ultra-conservative jerk-offs.
Fuck the New England Patriots too. Damn cheaters.