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photoYou couldn’t listen to the radio or go anywhere on the Internet at the end of the week without hearing the news, or more importantly, people’s reactions to the news.
People were up in arms about the latest decision that was brought down on Thursday, August 22nd.
Their lives would be irrevocably changed. I’ve never seen such outcry. People were losing their fucking minds! How dare the powers that be pass down such an important decision that would affect so many people’s lives?
How were people going to move on? How we’re people going function knowing that…
Ben Affleck is going to be Batman.
Seriously, there were countless posts online with people crying out about how shitty this news was. My Facebook feed was flooded with complaints in the form of poorly Photoshopped pictures, countless links to websites joking about it and more than one person whining about how horrible this was.
Friday night I listened to a news call-in show on Sirius and listened to the nerds calling in and saying how upset they were.
I, for one, am sick of all the nerd bitching.
The culprits are usually people who are in the age range of 35 on down. Nerds who have either forgotten or were never aware that once there were no cool superhero movies. No one in Hollywood could get it right until about 20+ years ago with the first Batman movie. Before that it was really shitty adaptations like the Dolph Lundgren Punisher movie or Howard the Duck. Now, the most vocal and whiny critics are the nerds who just nitpick this shit to death.
Is Ben Affleck the perfect person to be cast as Batman/Bruce Wayne? That remains to be seen but we’ve definitely seen our share of mis-castings. All of them before Christian Bale. Even Michael Keaton was a crappy idea but we were so hungry for a Batman movie you could have put Carrot Top in the suit and we would have bought tickets. (yeah, yeah, I’m stretching it)
I think Affleck is going to do really well with this role. People forget how talented this guy is. Everybody that’s bitching wants to point out Daredevil and some of his shitty movies like Gigli, Pearl Harbor and Jersey Girl (sorry Kevin Smith). As a fan of the Daredevil comics I didn’t hate the movie. It actually wasn’t that bad. It’s just become cool to shit on it.
Let’s not forget that this guy directed and starred in The Town and Argo, both excellent films. His roles in those movies and Good Will Hunting and Chasing Amy (you’re welcome Kevin Smith) are top notch.
He’ll most likely nail the Bruce Wayne role and playing the Caped Crusader shouldn’t be too big of a task. It’s not hard to fuck up as long as the script is good. I hope they avoid the voice changing thing that Bale did. That was almost silly by the end of the third movie.
There’s also rumor that Affleck will have some creative control with the script as well. Which is very good news. I have faith in Zach Snyder, the director. 300 was a perfect adaptation, Watchman was as good as it could have been, Man of Steel, well, it wasn’t perfect but I enjoyed it despite its flaws.
So, all of you nerds out there freaking out over this casting –
Chill the fuck out.
It’s a god-damn comic book movie. It’s not going to affect your life that much. Get out of your parent’s basements and find something else to devote your time to. You’re taking your nerdiness too far!
Besides, it’s not like it’s anything that will have any bearing on anyone’s lives.
It’s not like it’s a casting for Star Wars Episode VII. Sheesh.