Men, and the Dicks in their Hand

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Hey folks, Dirty Darril has another thing to talk about.
Normally I would tell you to sit down and shut the fuck up but this week I am taking a different approach. I have been bashing women alot in my past posts, so this week I am going to bash men. Yeah I said it, MEN.

We men are, for the most part, good guys, but just like the select women I write about we have our asshole men.

First I would like to point out the guys that think it’s cool to bash their wife or girlfriend in front of the other guys. You are a real piece of work, and the guys you are trying to impress think that you are a nothing for what you say. If what you say is true, you should not be with this woman, if it isn’t true you are a definate asshole. (and not one worthy of this site)

Second, you stupid selfish motherfuckers that don’t take responsibility for the kids that you have created and just disregard that they are yours.
Thank you fuckface, now I have to help pay for your child. Your son will probably steal my car or rob my house or your daughter will be the next stripper I put my dollar between the tits that her 65 year old sugar daddy bought her when she turned 22. As much as I like your daughter, you are not around to be a father figure so I know that when her looks fail to make her Miss Center Stage she will have a few kids who’s sperm doner won’t be around either and here we go with the WIC and welfare that comes out of my check. Thanks dick!

Now let’s talk about you strong manly men that like to hit women. Do you feel good about what you do? Why don’t you e-mail me and make some time to hit somebody that can hit you back and fuck you up! You are the lowest piece of shit there is. Learn to walk away, put down the stag beer and take care of shit. Mr. I’m-sorry-every-Sunday-morning don’t cut it jerk. Grow up and be a man!

Now I said all that to say this: I mean what I said above and men can be dicks…
You women are easy to bash because all you do is bitch, and the bitching leads to us just running out on you and the kids so that we don’t murder you all. Because while we are at work you are training little Cindy to be a bitch like you are, and if we don’t run we end up beating you not because we want to but, god damn, your Dad failed to put sense into you so now we must beat it into you.

Bottom line: Keep your mouth shut and take care of your husband and maybe, just maybe, you won’t have that thump on the back of your head that is covered by your hair so that you can’t prove shit, or if it’s real bad you won’t take that fall down the steps after you come out of the bathroom smiling, saying it’s positive.

I by no means am trying to be cruel, but if early in life daddy left or sister Mary made you bump fuzzies with her you need to get over it. You probably came then anyway so just chalk it up as another time. Bitching at your man for reasons that mean nothing come to no avail.
Most of what you say means nothing anyway.
Grow up girls, and take it like a man!

  1 comment for “Men, and the Dicks in their Hand

  1. Angry Brady
    September 30, 2009 at 12:01 am

    Dirty!! That is completely fucked up man!! That pic you selected actually has someone I know in it! No Really!
    Fuckin' Small world….

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