Let the Church Help

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How true is this?  I mean really?  When you get right down to it, the Church as an entity just seems like an unnecessary burden on an already over burdened people.  Can’t the church help with the economy and pay some fucking taxes!?  Couldn’t the Church help it’s congregation by waving tithes??  Can’t you be a good Christian without funding a building?  Don’t people have enough to worry about without a guilt bill?

I’m sure that the hilarious context in which the joke is derived from is unintended.  But, even here the church is incompetent.  How much are punctuation tiles for the goddamn Marquis?   This is a sign board and they can’t get it right.  How can anyone feel good about funding this kind of nickel&dime operation? Let alone trust them with eternal rules and regulations!?  If they can’t dig deep and get the sign 100%, how can they expect people to believe they are 100% on afterlife details!?  It just boggles the mind that a place that offers zero REAL answers has the nerve to offer help, when in the end; they have their hands out too.

Folks, you can get spiritual guidance without keeping the lights on at the shame shack.  That bloody book that supposedly has all the answers is free in most cases, and can be read in your home.  At least reading it there you’re getting the most out of your tax dollar AND your worship time.  But if you are doing well enough to kick 15% to your local Charlatan, make sure these douchebags are using the money to at least get the fucking sign right!

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