Irritated Rambling About The Gulf Oil Spill

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“Holy shit! Well there goes gas prices!”

“What the fuck is a blow out valve and why don’t they test them?”

“Goddamn that is a big ball of fire.”

Even as a degreed chemist, I still find it amazing to see a huge fire burning on the surface of a body of water.

“How close is it to Playa del Carmen?”

I remember watching the news the first day of coverage and thinking that it probably wouldn’t be that bad because it was at the bottom of the ocean over a mile down, so surely the well would collapse from the pressure. I don’t know where I got that but it seemed logical at the time.

Then watching the news a few mornings later I remember asking myself who was supposed be to watching in these fuckers. It took a few Googles to find that there was a government agency call the Minerals Management Service, part of the Dept. of the Interior. The MMS both “sold” leases to drill offshore and regulated their rigs and the oil companies who owned them. So I did a little digging on the MMS and it turns out, and was later quietly reported, that the President appointed a new head of the DOI and of the MMS when he was forming his government. They were charged with the responsibility of cleaning out the agencies of the corruption that 8 years under Bush created. Paradoxically they people in charge seemed to find it less and less important to kick out those that literally were in bed with the oil companies and doing drugs with them off-duty. To the extent that after almost 13 month in her position Elizabeth Birnbaum had made little changes in the behavior of the agency, which one could say ultimately lead to the disaster in the Gulf. Not that she is to blame, surely not. Obviously the bullshit that was going on in the DOI had started years ago, during the Bush era, but she failed in her duty to clean it up quickly, just as Ken Salazar, Director of the DOI has. As I have said before on these pages, politician are all corrupt. Every Fucking One of Them.

The big concrete box thing was hysterical. I think anyone with even a 5th grade education could see that a big concrete box under a mile of seawater was going to be difficult to position and would likely collapse under the pressure. Now I didn’t predict that it would freeze up, but I’ve got to think that they “top minds in the industry” should have been able to predict that. The problem I have with this effort is that these “top minds” seem to be grasping for straws and are completely unprepared to handle this disaster.

The first few weeks I, like may of us, convinced myself that the oil spill was not going to be a big deal.  The Obama administration and BP and the media at least initially played down the amount of oil pluming out of the sea floor and I bought it. I bought in because I didn’t want to believe that this in fact could be the beginning of any one of the scifi movies or TV shows that you’ve seen that starts off with how humanity completely destroyed the ecosystem on Earth and now we are getting into our big space ships and leave the dead plant forever.

After the big concrete dome thing didn’t work, I started to wonder if I could get a job with Virgin Galactic.

They say now that the “top kill maneuver” appears to be working. They pumped a bunch had heavy mud into the hole to plug it up. Interesting they though, and again more evidence that the “top minds in the field” are nothing more that a bunch of dumb-asses, the first ship has ran out of mud. Did they have another ship on stand by? Well of fucking course not. It won’t be there for a couple of days.

Top Minds. Right.

Once they fill it with mud, they’re going to pump concrete into to seal it. Hopefully they will have more than one concrete truck on hand.

At the moment I feel a little better about it all. Except that I am waiting for my bill from BP and Uncle Sam to pay for it. If you really think that Obama and BP aren’t going to come to a “mutually beneficial understanding” then your kidding yourself. We are going to pay for this clean up, and so are our kids, and their kids. We’re going to pay for it by having to buy $5.00 gas and increase taxes.

Don’t be fooled. You’re going to pay. Unless we all get our heads out of our asses and start kick every incumbent out of office. We need new blood. Young minds and people that plan on living longer than the next couple of administration.

Vote assholes.

With all due respect,
The Chief

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