In AZ New Bill States Pregnancy Begins 2 Weeks Before Conception

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If there was ever a question of which state is the dumbest state in our nation, let’s all agree right now that debate has been put to rest. The state of Arizona known for many things like a giant canyon, gila monsters and lots of crystal meth–is at it again. The last state in our nation to officially acknowledge the holiday of Martin Luther King Jr. has now done the impossible–they have rewritten the laws of nature, science and for those god-fearing folks, they have even upstaged your almighty savior Lord Jesus himself.

Those wascally wepubwicans have decided that Arizona needs abortion laws! In a state that allows you to legally carry a gun in a holster while giving a child their first haircut, maybe that’s not such a good idea. Abort more might be a smarter concept, especially based on what happened when AZ decided to allow a judge determine gestational age

In an unquestioned show of  backwoods like thinking, the Arizona lawmakers gave final passage to three anti-abortion bills Tuesday April 10th, including one that declares pregnancies in the state of AZ, begin two weeks before conception.


Yes, people, this is not an article form the Onion. It’s real.

State Rep. Kimberly Yee (R-Phoenix), the bill’s sponsor, is our official WTF poster child. The Huffingotn Post tried to reach Yee today but the former aide to former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger THE GOVERNATOR, was voting on the House floor.  Now that is even scarier…that a woman of that magnitude gets a vote in the direction of our country.

Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or even a gynecologist to figure out that nobody could be pregnant two weeks before conception. Not even if they were impregnated by Zeus himself! So what in the hell is the state of Arizona thinking in that they can rewrite the biological laws of the natural world to fit some crazy right wing Christian agenda. The answer is a simple AMEN!

This wonderful sentence in the bill defines gestational age in the state of Arizona as “calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period of the pregnant woman,”. This would move the beginning of a pregnancy up two weeks prior to conception! TWO WEEKS!

After laughing hysterically, my frown set in. It’s 2012, not 1712. We are a country who takes pride in our intelligence I thought. If that’s the case then why do we continue to let the state of Arizona remain a part of our country? There’s an old country adage that goes a little something like this, “Ya can’t fix stupid!”

Hal Hefner – creator of Gates the comic  a sci-fi Dystopian epic, presented by Heavy Metal Magazine.