Illegal Immigration: Game Over

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As a Texan, and as a citizen, I felt it long overdue that I haven’t thrown in my pom-pommed sombrero in on this topic. I’m just going to dismiss collectively, all other nationalities during this column, as Mexicans are the only ones referred to when anyone discusses this issue anyway. When you hear someone talking about “build the wall” it’s NEVER addressing the grossly neglected Canadian border. So let’s save some time and just dip our social chip into the salsa of our Southern immigration dilemma.


Even using the term dilemma makes me gag a little, as the flagstone point of this particular passage is that there’s really nothing left to discuss. I’m done pretending, even just to patronize anti immigration colleagues that there is, or ever was, a way to keep Mexican illegals out. They are here, they have been for a while, and there are scores more arriving everyday.


It’s so blatantly decided, that it’s gone beyond viable debate. All that remains is archaic vitriol that serves as a gilded disguise for outright racism and sour grapes. I want our “leaders” and our deluded populous to stop with non solutions that not only eat up our time, but squander billions of tax dollars on poking pasty, Caucasian fingers into holes in a dam that has long since broken and overflowed. The valley is awash in a tide of Mexican people, it’s time to stop with the masquerade of “border control”.


What happened to the “Great Melting Pot”?? What happened to this country being a safe haven for people whose countries suck? This has long been abandoned from our national psyche. Our welcoming the global unfortunate has always been one of the beautiful things about our country. Why is this mentality withheld from our Southern neighbors?


I live in a population that is thick with Mexican immigrants. I know full well the frustrations that come with this subculture. Whether it’s the language barrier, the horrific Ranchero music, or the atrocious lack of style, I too have plenty of beef with the Mexican-American culture. I wade through these people on a daily basis, and I can understand a lot of the gripes about them. Despite my misgivings, I have no choice but to welcome them here. Not only does my opinion have little to do with the inevitable arrival of these people, it’s the only component in this issue that I do have any control of.


This is a plea from the writer that we as Americans, might just use our common sense in spite of any prejudices or personal grievances we might harbor. It’s time to accept these people as our neighbors, friends, relatives, and even citizens. Even if it’s just a technical acknowledgment of the fact that they are here to stay. I think it’s time to drop the nonsensical, Quixotic, impossible notions of doing anything but integrating the immigrating masses.


Instead of wasting tax money to combat the migration of less fortunate people, let’s let them in already and let the I.R.S. Do the dirty work. Since they are here already, and here to stay, let’s give them all numbers and let the taxman wring them like bar rags. This is what Uncle Sam does to native citizens by default, keeping immigrants off the grid does little outside absolve them from paying in as much as perhaps they should.


So please, can we drop the wild goose chase of securing the borders, deporting people in droves, and pretending like there is a solution other than acceptance? I think this is the first and only step in really resolving this issue in a realistic, compassionate way.


If you’re still a staunch anti immigration supporter, and if by chance I have failed to convince you in rolling with the Mexican Tide, all I can say is put on your floaties and grab a snorkel. You’re going to need it.