If I Want To See Trolls I’ll Watch Lord of the Rings

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HOly shit.
Society is fucked.
Last week I watched yet another brilliant episode of South Park. This episode was the usual biting social commentary of current events.
They ripped on fat Americans riding rascals in Wal-Mart and Honey Boo Boo, all the while focusing on how we have “lowered the bar”.
I thought Honey Boo Boo was a character the South Park guys made up. My wife pointed out that it’s a real person and that she’s (surprise!) a reality TV star. I said “you’re fucking kidding.” I didn’t say this seriously because I’ve been desensitized to this shit for years now.
Last night I saw that “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” is recorded on the DVR. I found out later that my son recorded it (we need to have a talk). So, what do I do? I watch the fucking thing. Hey, it’s research for this site.
I’m not about to tell you it’s a “guilty pleasure” and anyone who does is an idiot. This show is a total waste of time. There is nothing redeeming about it whatsoever. Not even from a cautionary aspect. I can’t comprehend how anyone can define this as entertainment. It is vile and The Learning Channel should be ashamed of themselves.
Wait a fucking minute! It’s on The Learning Channel? HOly shit (again)! I can deal with MTV not having music on it but is there anything worth learning on TLC. Perhaps it should just stand for Total Loser Content.
I’m well aware that there are total cretins out there and they are reproducing in dangerous numbers but fuck, keep them off TV. If this show doesn’t make you pro-choice I don’t know what will. The entire family is fucked and they’re being empowered by TLC to thrive and spread their stupidity.
The Fucktard Apocalypse has begun!