Idiots Are People Too

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Fucked up freedom, but freedom none the less

Greetings idiophiles, and followers of our, faulty, foolish, fellowship of fucktard countrymen. I’ve been away for a while moving to a new city, but rest assured that I’ve had my eyes firmly planted on the doings of the idiots that shamble among us. It’s good to see you all again, but let us get back to business.


As far as news goes, this is a somewhat old story but I felt compelled to discuss this issue with our esteemed audience. Ah, Lindsey Stone. Perhaps the most repugnant dumbass I’ve run across in the more recent events of undiluted stupidity.


For the readers who may have not logged her name in their memory banks under the subfolder: of disrespectful cunts, she is the infamous woman who was caught in the act of flipping the bird, and mimed screaming at the Arlington Cemetery last month.


A shameful act indeed, well deserved of the scorn from anyone who honors our nation’s selfless heroes who deserve our utmost respect for their service in the name of our country’s military. I literally cringed when I first viewed the photograph, featured at the top of this article. Shocking and at first glance, a deplorable vision to be sure.


Shortly after she posted this picture taken by a co-worker on Facebook, a page was created entitled: . Obviously, thousands liked this page to show their outrage for her ludicrous behavior. The page quickly produced a petition to the LIFE organization, Stone’s place of employment, to have her fired for the egregious photograph.


As this was a paid-for excursion by the LIFE foundation to the cemetery, I have absolutely no qualms about her unpaid suspension, which will undoubtedly result in her ultimate termination. Every company of this size undoubtedly has an employee code of conduct and I’m fairly certain that Ms. Stone broke at least a few of those codes by her insensitive behavior.


Upon visiting the “Fire Lindsey Stone” site, I was immediately drawn to the counter site titled: . As of today, it only has 139 likes. When I first visited it after the main story broke, it had only 38 likes. Being a person who naturally scrutinizes popular opinion, I gravitated to the less popular site.


After perusing dozens of comments, countless stories from the associated press and really analyzing this whole debacle with my nifty Libertarian goggles, I happily chose a side and clicked the like button on the “Hire Lindsey Stone” page.


What this woman did was in the poorest taste fathomable, and she will be punished in spades for her actions. Take her job, fine. She deserves that fully, but I chose the site defending her for a few key reasons.


Firstly, I don’t want this twat to be jobless and attaining government assistance for shooting herself in the foot. Secondly, what she did may have been in awful taste, but the scorched earth campaign that’s been set against her is in stark contrast against the reason that cemetery exists in the first place.


The dead soldiers in that solemn, sacred, place fought and died for her right to act in such a way. Our country is great because the freedom of speech applies to EVERYONE. Even to stupid bitches like Lindsey Stone. I would surmise she’ll think twice before contorting herself public-like again.


As far as I see it, her only true crime was the fact that she performed this acrobatic ballet of idiocy while she was clocked in. Hypothetically, if she were to have produced this heinous display on her own free time I would defend her right to do so the bitterest of ends.


My point is that she’s just as free to do what she did, as she is free enough to get herself fired for being an idiot. If you’re that offended by what she did, go at light speed to sign the petition to get her fired for fucking off while on duty. Here, I’ll make it simple.  Outside of that, leave this woman alone.


If we socially obliterate every citizen as stupid as her, we would have a 80% unemployment rate. I do not agree with or like what she did, but I think the loss of her livelihood and embarrassment is sufficient penance.


Lindsey Stone has received death threats, avalanches of hate mail, is practically unhireable, and I envision that going out in public is an episode of terror. I just think it’s overkill. Doing anymore lessens the sacrifice of the men and women buried there.


The soldiers entombed in Arlington are better than me, or her because they put their lives on the line to allow every American speak our minds in anyway we see fit. It’s of no matter to the nature of it’s moral contents.


So, before you froth at the mouth when you first view this picture, keep in mind that she’s been dealt with and move on. She was pretend screaming, it was an insidious and insensitive attempt at making a statement against authority. I like being able to make statements that challenge authority. I just think I’d have better sense in how I accomplished that statement.


The over publicizing of nit wits, criminals, and the morally unsound only emboldens more of them. Take a few deep breaths and remember that the sole reason she was able to socially assassinate herself like this is because that cemetery is so vastly filled with people who fought and died for our way of life.


It’s good to be back, and the return to expressing my point of view is enriched by the knowledge that I live in a place where I have that right. Good to see you again faithful readers, and try to save the inflamed criticism for the very citizens who need it so direly: Ourselves.


Cheers, and thanks for reading.