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picard face palm

I sure the fuck feel like it sometimes.

I’ve been quiet on our pages for the last several weeks because I have had so many things that I want write about / go off on that I couldn’t seem to pull a decent, stand alone piece together for each of them.

So I’ve decided to get a couple recent things off my chest in this rant to make room for the other shit.

These are the victim. Remember what the prick did.

1) The Arizona Shooting – I love our justice system…stop laughing, I do. I don’t think there is a fairer one on the planet, buuuuuuuttttt, when 20 or so people see a mother fucker walk into a grocery store and start shooting people

WHY DO WE NEED A TRIAL! Execute the son of bitch and let’s move on.

Its the end of the world as we know it….

2) Dead bird, fish, bugs, etc. – I was going to write a piece on this, but why bother. This shit happens every day. If you google mass animal death you will find over 1500 stories over the last 4 years alone. There is even a Google map that shows all the hits by location and it nearly covers the globe in little red arrows.

If you think the world is going to end and that a bunch of dead birds is the warning sign, do us all a favor and eat that last bit of cake, wash it down with your diet coke, turn off Extra and jump out a window.

I hate it when there is nothing important or “real” to keep the media fixated. The wars are pretty quiet, politics is boring and Lindsey Lohan is not flashing her gash anymore or they dig up some bullshit like dead birds.

Remember when sharks were attacking everyone. They would have had you thinking that they were coming on land and eating people in the Capitan D’s drive-thru.

The Ghoul and the Fool

3) Duran Duran released a new album back December and I was for about 15 minutes really excited. I was a big Duran Duran fan in the 80’s and 90’s but this new album sucks.



They really need to just stop it already.
Have you seen them? Nick Rhodes is a fucking ghoul and Simon LeBon is not much better.

They completely don’t get that music has moved on from their style, which in its timeframe was brilliant. Music is fluid and changing and what worked 25 years ago never works again. Never

They are going to tour this album soon, and I will probably have to go, but I won’t like it unless they play their old shit. I’ll probably take a piss during the All You Need Is Now medley that they will surely have to do once they realize crowds just want to hear The Reflex and Rio.

Big Puss!

4) The Republicans won a bunch of House seat and Senate seats and governorships which I am still mot sure is either a good or bad thing. They vote to repeal the Health Care Reform act which was a wholly symbolic gesture and a bit of a time waste, but most importantly

John “Crybaby” Boehner has become the Speaker of the House. What a fucking ‘tard. Have you seen him pucker up like a 4 year old girl? Ridiculous. I’ve heard him explain that he is “just an emotional guy” and that he “wears his heart on his sleeve” but COME ON. Knock it off already!

You know Putin, Chavez and Ahmadinejad are laughing their asses off. And good old Jong Il is howling too.

You’d think in an effort to restore our countries world image they’d put people in leadership positions that the rest of the world will respect.

Hell, Hillary has bigger, hairier balls than Boehner.

Idiocy, all of it.

With all due respect,
The Chief

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