WFI Flashback September 3, 2010 – I Still Hate Street Cyclists

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Can we do something about assholes riding their bikes on busy streets?

First of all, when I drive in to my office and there’s some dipshit on a bike in his ultra queer spandex cyclist getup, I wonder why he is not at work or going to work? I imagine that most, if not all cyclist are these weird; too much time on their hands, fitness douche bags; probably some kind of consultant or independent agent with nothing to do most of the time. They fill their day with crap like cycling because deep down they want people to see them exercising because it makes them feel superior.

I then wonder if he knows how much I want to run him the fuck over. And that the people behind me want to run him over too.

Having dealt with the morning bike-tards, some days there is this jerk-off that rides on my street in the afternoon when I’m coming home. He’s out there with everyone picking up their kids from the elementary school down the street and the buses. Everyone is already dodging the cars pulling into/out of the school and the buses and the people walking across the street, so obviously its the best time of day to ride your goddamn bike through it all. Moron!

I wish a bus would just run one of them down. I bet it would put a stop to it. Ok maybe not run them over and kill them, just knock ’em of the road and bang them up a bit, maybe a good, ol’ fashion broken leg or something.

Does anyone out there know exactly what the law is that let’s these pricks clog up traffic? I’d look into it myself but I’m too busy bitching about it. If you know the law, paste the pertinent parts into a comment on this post. I really think that “sharing the road” is meant for roads that can accommodate bikes and not just the ones that run through pretty, hilly parts of the suburbs. There at least should be a law that these idiots can’t ride during rush hours. If there is then I want a free pass to knock them off the road.

Ride on the sidewalk retards!

With absolutely no respect,
The Chief

  3 comments for “WFI Flashback September 3, 2010 – I Still Hate Street Cyclists

  1. Anonymous
    September 13, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    The picture that illustrate this post can be find occasionally in category of funny pictures, but it's a real accident caused from an idiot in a car. Unfortunately a cyclist died instantly. Take a better look and choose which one that could be.
    Don't tell me you like your work, just hate idle cyclist cause I wouldn't take that shit.

  2. The Chief
    September 14, 2010 at 6:37 am

    The picture is what I imagine will ultimately happen as more cyclist clog streets that they don't belong on.

    I'm not sure I get your comment about liking my work, but I do, particularly when it gets peoples dander up.

  3. Captain Scarlett
    November 9, 2013 at 6:29 am

    Clearly you are an exceptionally well educated individual. Ever thought about working for the UN or are you happy flipping burgers?

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