“I hate this plannet with a burning passion.”

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Since we’ve integrated the worldfullofidiots with Facebook we’ve seen a lot more interraction with you, our audience. Every now and then we get a nugget that we just have to share. This post on our wall had a lot of questions. I’ve taken the liberty to answer them the best I can.

Sometimes we have to seek out the idiocy.

Sometimes it just knocks on our door.

“Why does the world allow the consumption of meat? It is destroying the environment, fattening our people, supporting the mutation and evolution of deadly flues in the compact living environments, destroying the effectiveness of antibacterial chemicals, and forcing billions of animals to live out their lives in torture?”

Why does the world allow it? This is an odd question. It all depends on how you define “the world.” If your looking for an answer from the planet Earth I’m afraid you’ll be waiting awhile. You see, the Earth isn’t a sentient being (unless maybe you’re a Wiccan).

Now, if you’re referring to the people inhabiting the Earth good luck with that one as well. We can’t agree on shit. Let alone whether we should eat meat or not. We are omnivores. We eat everything. Of course we could choose not to but it often times tastes so fucking good.

Or are you referring to the other carnivores on this world? I don’t know about you, but I’ve tried to switch my dogs’ dog food before with mixed results. I don’t think they’d appreciate a salad.

“Why do we continue to use personal automobiles when it keeps poor people from being able to get around, keeps the air polluted and smogy, destroyes the environment almost to the extent of the meat industry, wastes huge amounts of energy in producing and using the cars, and is in many situations (actualy almost allways) a slower means of transport than a subway?”

Here’s a great idea. Let’s stop driving cars because it’s unfair to the poor. How about we stop taking baths. After all, it’s unfair that we have an aromatic advantage over the homeless.

Give me a fucking break.

As for the environmental impact. Cars are the cleanest they’ve ever been and the prices for hybrids are going down and the sales of them is going up. I get the feeling that if we could teleport back and forth you would still bitch about it.

Fuck the subway, that’s where the poor, smelly people go back and forth to pick up their food stamps, welfare checks and cigarettes.

“Why do we as the societies of extreme wealth throughout europe and the US allow poverty to exist?”

Extreme wealth? How do you define extreme? Hell, how do you define wealth? I’m sure that if you saw where I live and what I drive you’d probably consider it excessive (it’s not).

In this country, above all others, we have more opportunities than any other. Sometimes being poor can’t be helped but there is a great number out there that don’t have the drive or are fine just where they are financially. Ethically, it’s up to everyone else to lend a hand when possible but, really, get off your ass and make something of yourself. Poverty will always exist. All we can hope for is to reduce it.

 “I hate this plannet with a burning passion.”

Maybe you should consider killing yourself. Sure, this planet isn’t perfect but I’ll take it. Shit, why don’t you move to Seti Alpha VI? Maybe you’ll be happy there.

The inhabitants of that planet won’t give a shit about your bad grammar or misspellings.


– Darth