Hey kids, Free Houses!!!

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Hey people, I’m back once again to give you a view into what goes on in my mind.

I have been watching the Jaycee Lee Dugard coverage and after a few days it has seemed to disappear. Why? Maybe it is still going on in California, but it has faded from our news here in the midwest. I am sure that as soon as they start giving her family homes and cars and money that it will be right back on top of the news. This reminds me of another story that I feel got too much coverage but still finds it’s way into the news every couple months or so….Shawn Hornbeck.

Now let me start off by saying I feel terrible for these people, especially the children…. But, why do they get free thing handed to them?
Why did Shawn Hornbeck’s family get a new home? Did they downsize while he was gone and now he didn’t have a room? There are lots of families that don’t have room for their kids and don’t get a house. Maybe, just maybe, giving to someone in need doesn’t get your company name on the news. Maybe companies don’t feel as compassionate giving to poor kids as they do kids that have gone through hell and by giving publicly will keep the hell they went through on the news even longer. Some extra torment for my free advertising if you will.

Now, as for Shawn Hornbeck I have to say this is the most over-rated bullshit I have ever heard. You self-centered pussies and bleeding hearts that cry over what everyone else is talking about at the time but wouldn’t care as much if it wasn’t in your own back yard. FUCK OFF!

Am I the only one who thinks this whole story is fucked up? I agree that it was sad that Michael Devlin was a bad man that deserves to be behind bars. Shawn’s story just has to many holes in it for me to believe that he didn’t, after a while, want to stay with Devlin. Could this have been a kid that was upset with his broken family and didn’t want to go home? Could Devlin have possibly driven by and talked to Shawn (with the intention of abduction) and Shawn thought of this as a way of leaving his broken and unhappy home? I know you are thinking I am wrong but did you hear Shawn’s story?

Shawn said that his biggest fear was not seeing his family again. Well he had plenty of times that he could have left and not returned.
Shawn has also said that death did not scare him, so what was the reason he stayed? The kid had freedom, could ride his bike around and spend the night at his friends’ houses. If you’re not scared of death then why not run to avoid your “biggest fear”?

My other reasoning is that Shawn doesn’t seem to be a dumb kid. He stated that when Devlin went to abduct Ben that he figured that his days were numbered. “The days got slimmer. ‘Cause it’s a replacement. When you get a new car, what do you usually do with the old one? You usually get rid of it, right?” Does that quote sound like a kid that wasn’t smart enough to tell or run away?

The main thing Shawn won’t talk about is why he never identified himself. He says that it was to protect his family. From what, Shawn? The fact that you didn’t want to come home? We want to know Shawn. You and your family did get a free house out of the deal. Poor Jaycee Lee Dugard just got two kids from her abductor out of her deal. Of course that case isn’t over with yet so I am sure I and everyone else will pay for free schooling and housing and people will give give give to people that should be paid out of what they call a crime victims fund. This whole system is a joke as is most people and media sources.

This is all I have to say about this and if you hate me, so be it…..you’re probably one of the pussies that cried over Princess Diana…that gold-digging cunt.

-Dirty Darril

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