Happy Labor Day, Now Get Back To Work!

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Happy Labor Day Everyone

Well, everyone except for 9.6% of you.

You know who you are, you unemployed bastards.

Why are we celebrating Labor Day? Because we do such a great job working? No. Because we feel we’re entitled to take a day off.

But do we deserve it?

Here’s a little background on this holiday.

Labor Day has been around for over 100 years. The Federal Government (idiots) made it an official holiday in 1894 to honor its workers.

Now, I’m all for America, but wouldn’t you say our “workforce” is dwindling? When was the last time you saw a factory or a production company go up? The newest construction I notice is another fucking bank being built or another unnecessary fast food joint springing up.

We’ve become a country of consumers, not producers. Just look at our automotive industry and how it’s in the tank.

How many people do you know that have lost their job in the last 10 years because they’re work has been outsourced to India or Brazil?
Or Mexico (thanks Al Gore!)

Do you think they take a day off and pat themselves on the back for the great job they’ve done bettering their country? No. They put their noses to the grindstone so they can hope to someday get out of their shitty little shanties. All the while inching closer and closer to catching up with, and eventually overtaking, those soft Americans.

That’s the harsh reality we’re facing.

Just look at China.

As much as you snicker at someone who has concerns about their ever-growing middle class and military the reality is they’re going to pass us up in about a decade if we don’t do something about it.

Do you know how many of those pricks there are?

Did you forget they’re fucking Communists?

Here’s a solution with China. It’s simple: Produce more tobacco products and ship that crap over there. They love that stuff. In fact, why don’t we add some lead-based paint to them as well. “Have we got a bargain for you” or should I say “ching chang chong bing bang bong.”

Anyone who thinks we will someday be at war with China is stupid. We ARE at war with them now. Financial War. And for those of you who say “Communism Never Works,” it will if we keep buying cheap shit from them.

If you work your ass off every day and think that you are underpaid and deserve something better, get off your ass and do something about. Otherwise, take a look around and ask yourself how hard did my your parents work, your grandparents? Am I working harder or more seriously than them?

I doubt it. (I’m not!) You bunch of softies!

Normally this is where I drop a line that is something funny. But, unfortunately, there’s nothing funny about the situation we’re in.


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