Happy Columbus Day – BTW You know he was a complete idiot right?

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The fact that American history books tout Columbus, whose real name was Cristoforo Columbo, as anything other than a fucking idiot, shit for brains navigator, or a completely amoral imperialist monster and oppressor should show you that a) history is written by the winners and b) nobody cares in this country since 99% are descended from the “winning” team (south and central american indians that have immigrated to this country not withstanding).

A few facts you may not know about ol’ Chris:

1) Never set foot on the land we know as America. He just skipped around the islands of the Caribbean.
2) It took him over 7 years of begging to get the crown of Spain to fund his trip after the King of Portugal and the King of England rejected his proposals.
3) He and his crew brought syphilis into the New World
4) He so grossly underestimated the circumference of the Earth that he estimated the trip from the Canary Islands to Japan (which he figured was just east of China) would be roughly 2300 miles when in fact is almost 19,300 miles.

5) Did not have to convince everyone that the world was round. The vast majority of scholars in the Old World had accepted the Round Earth theory since the days of Aristotle back in the 4th century.
6) Columbus was not the first european to reach the New World. The Norse had done so over 500 years earlier
7) Even though we happened to celebrate it on the right day this year, Columbus landed on a yet to be determined cay in the Bahama cluster on October 12, 1492 (not the second Monday of October).
8) He died a reasonably wealth man in Spain at the age of 55 still very much convinced that he had actually reached and sailed the eastern coast of Asia.

As a student of Latin American history and culture I can tell you that there are many stories about Columbus and those that followed him and they do not paint the “discovery” of America by europeans in a good light. I’m sure Darth would not be surprised to hear things like Catholic missionaries building churches over Maya wells to force the indigenous population to come into the church and pray to get drinking water or that thousands of “indians” were captured and shipped back to Spain as slaves or that Columbus counted the conversion of “non-Believers” at the end of a rifle as his primary reason to discover the fastest route to the heathen populations of India and China and as his ordained mission on Earth.

Typical lunatic Christia…. well I’ll save that commentary for Darth.

With all due respect,

  4 comments for “Happy Columbus Day – BTW You know he was a complete idiot right?

  1. Anonymous
    October 19, 2010 at 8:24 pm

    Me again fellas. You can call me "The Truth." LOL! Obviously in 1492 Columbus didn't have the technology we have today. The real story goes like this: Ferdinand and Isabella, Isabella especially were interested in his idea. They had a bigger issue going on at the time, dealing with the Moors. After that was done, in March of 1492 they told the Jews they had to leave by July or they would be killed. Some Jews fled to Portugal, some to Northern Africa and some decided to the the heck out of dodge altogether. That group found a captain (Columbus) who talked of sailing West. Isabella on Columbus' second request along with money the Jews had, financed the trip. Columbus was an Italian Jew at one point. He named Indians Indians because he thought he was in the Indies so he did step foot on this land. He kidnapped 15-25 Indians to take back to Spain and only about 8 made it. The Jews are always left out of everything, I wonder why…Oh ya, Jesus was a Jew and he said "they hated Me, they'll hate you." Another historical fact never talked about is when the American Army was broke, ammoless and starving b4 the Valley Forge attack on the British, it was a Polish Jew banker by the name of Hayim Solomon (google him) who went to the Jews of America and Europe and raised the money given to Washington that bought the ammo and supplies that allowed him and the army to make the attack at Valley Forge. On the back of your dollar bill, the starcluster above the eagle's head is in the shape of the Star of David. That starcluster is what the Lord had Moses put on the top of the Tabernacle in the book of Exodus which is the longest part of the Bible (the construction of the Tabernacle). The Tabernacle is the foreshadowing of the coming of Jesus. This is why the people took lambs and other animals to the tabernacle and bled them and confessed their sin. Obviously, you've heard our sins are now cleansed through Jesus' blood. This is why going back to Taco's posting a few weeks ago that Christians know the Lord had a hand in the forming of this nation. Jesus was a Jewish Rabi and the Bible says "this same Jesus will return to the world the same as he left." A Jewish rabi. He will have curls in His hair under the crown. It's a wonder how everything the Bible says his proven by history yet no other opinion is. It's just people thinking up things that sound smart with no fact to back it up. The nation founded under biblical principles was the best (us) and all those that weren't live in sand and crap, yet the one that was doesn't believe now and is turning into that crap like all the others. Christianity isnt a religion, that's a man made word for all the people that want to worship statues of little fat guys, animals, money and objects and whatever else is out there. Read that book and measure it against fact, it rings true on all counts. Nothing else does. The Bible says don't make Israel give up land or Jeruselum. What are all the Muslim countries trying to do? The Bible says don't eat too much the honey (sugar). What's the number one disease we walk around with everyday? I'll stop there. Anyway, keep it up fellas. I like the driving stuff and most of what you say. I'll ring in from time to time. You guys ever want to get together and compare ideas and facts, let me know. I'm always here for you, lol!!! Can't wait for the party. – Ben Neely

  2. The Chief
    October 19, 2010 at 9:55 pm

    Well I don't know about "the Truth" Ben, but we may have to give you a name. Your comment is damn near as long as the post, maybe longer.

    Hey look at us, Fair and Balanced, just like Fox!

    You really ought to send me something to put up on the site. Seems like you have somethings to say.

    Cya Saturday.

  3. Angrybrady
    October 20, 2010 at 5:27 am

    WWWWWHHAAAA?!?!?!? Now that there is…. something else.

  4. Angrybrady
    October 20, 2010 at 5:29 am

    >>>> A RED SEA PEDESTRIAN <<<<<

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