Driving to work, surrounded by idiots. part 1.

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While driving in to work today I saw a sticker on the back of big Ford Duelie truck that read: “This country is being destroyed by Obama, The Media and Academia. Wake up America! No more RHINOs!”


This wasn’t just a mere bumper sticker. This was 7 inch bold letters stretching across the tailgate of this monstrosity. My first thought was that the driver would be some big burly gentleman in his Carhart jacket heading to work to bust his ass doing something I’m way too weak (and/or lazy) to do.


Behind the wheel – you guessed it. A little 80 year-old lady! Don’t judge a book by it’s cover folks.


Besides the driver, the things that intrigued me the most were two words in the message. Academia and Rhino.

Academia. Yep. I know that one. But RHINO? What the hell does that horny animal have to do with anything?

So I did a little research and found out that it’s an acronym for Republicans In Name Only. It appears that to many Republicans you can’t be republican enough! I find it funny (sad) that our political system is already too “Us VS Them”, now the parties are fighting amongst themselves. Mostly the Right, however. What a mess. At this point shit will never be cleaned up. Our Two-Party system is fucked.


Now, the whole “academia” thing kills me. Let’s see, the more one is educated the more this country’s going down the crapper? Having a number of friends who are academia I’ve noticed they definitely¬† do lean towards more liberal political views. Why is that? I would guess that is because the more they read and the more views and information they gather they come to the conclusion that everything isn’t as simple and black & white as we were raised to believe. Maybe I’m speculating a little. Hmmm… Don’t think so.

Or, maybe they mean that Academia is brainwashing our children’s minds? That could be it!

Who do these public school teachers think they are, trying to brainwash our kids! You’d think they were teaching at parochial schools!


In closing, the thing that bugs me most about the Right -VS- Left is it pits “Us -VS- Them”. We’re all Americans you assholes! White, Black, Brown. Christian, Jew, Athiest. Straight, Gay, Unlaid.

We don’t have to worry about outside forces tearing us apart. We’re doing it for them by dividing ourselves into these political/religious factions.

No one’s listening to each other when it comes to these two subjects. They’re just waiting their turn to speak. Close your mouths and open your minds. Idiots.