Covering Up Child Molestation: How Joe Paterno and the former Archbishop of Boston are the Same

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Joe Paterno died last week.

Many people were sad.

I, however am not, and I think he got off easy.

There are those who I know well that think I’m wrong, but I don’t see how.

Back in 2002 the Boston Archdioses sex scandal broke. And everyone was up in arms. The priests were molesting boys for decades and everyone in the archdiocese knew, at least on some level, what was going on. Most importantly the head guy knew, Archbishop Bernard Francis Law. He knew and covered it up for decades, going so far as to move priests from parish to parish.

What Law did not do however is report the abuse to any legal authority, nor did he tell anyone in the archdiocese what was going on with these fucking bastards.

In 2002 Law resigned as Archbishop, but ultimately the Church “punished” him by moving him to Rome as Archpriest of the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. This is considered, even by priests, to be a cushy job. So essentially Law knew about and covered up decades of sexual abuse of young boys by men in positions of authority and persuasion and ultimately was not punished for his involvement.

Sound familiar?

I’ll bet when you heard these stories back in 2002 you were outraged. I’m sure some of you asked; “How dare a leader of the Church knowingly allow this abuse to go on and do nothing about it?” “Why didn’t he contact someone of higher authority to see that these priests were stopped?” “Why didn’t anyone call the goddamn cops?”

Did you ask these questions this fall when the Sanduskey/Paterno Penn State Abuse scandal made the news? My guess is yes.

So tell me how it is that so many people feel that Paterno did nothing wrong? How is it that so many felt as though he had been falsely accused of wrongdoing?

Paterno said in an interview a few months ago that he was told by some coach about the abuse secondhand and that they called a meeting with the guy who saw it and he gave a horrific testimony to the college officials but then NOTHING FUCKING HAPPENED.

But that is over simplifying it. Let me give you a time line, based on the testimonies in the grand jury indictment:

From 1994-2009 Sandusky was sexually abusing at least 8 boys, per the abuseds’ accusations.

In 2002, coach Mike McQueary walked in on Sandusky anally raping a 10-year old boy. He reported the incident to Patnero the next day. (Why wait?)

Paterno tells Tim Curley, the athletic director and Gary Schultz the VP of Finance and Business. The only action taken was to bar Sandusky from using the facilities since at the time he was retired from Penn State and using the facilities for a FUCKING BOYS CHARITY that he ran called Second Mile.

Penn State president Graham Spencer approved the actions.

So it looks to me like Paterno, McQueary, Curley, Schultz and Spencer all knew, AND DID NOTHING but tell Sandusky to “knock it off”.

But wait, isn’t Joe Paterno a fucking sainted coach who everyone loves and loves everyone and does nothing but great things and helps people and loves the game and wants to build great men and yadda, yadda, yadda? Personally I would think such a great, upstanding pillar of the community would have a conscience, but what do I know.

Isn’t he the almost Santa Claus-like figure whom people on that fucked up campus called “Joe Pa”, like he’s everyone loving old grandpa?

I’m pretty sure my grandpa, who was a high school principal, would have reported the rape of a 10 year old boy by a coach to the police and would not have been concerned about “school policy”.

I’m not saying that Paterno is the only one, surely not, but I am saying that he was complicit in the cover-up and derelict in his moral duty to protect those who cannot protect themselves; exactly like former Archbishop Law. The grand jury cleared Paterno of any wrong doing since he reported the incident to his superiors, but I have to say that sounds like a fucking cop out. Once Curley and Graham did nothing about Sandusky, Paterno knew what was going on, and he and everyone else that knew had a moral obligation to go outside the school and let the authorities know.

How many times and with how many boys do you think Sandusky committed child rape after the 2002 incident and all the while good ol’ Joe Pa, Curley, McQueary and Graham knew it was still going on. They had to.

Actually when you get right down to it the whole damn school sounds like it was patterned after the Catholic Church with President Graham playing the part of the Pope.

Funny thing is that Sandusky and Paterno are Catholic. I wonder what that means.

Again, did Paterno rape anyone? No. Should he have done something more than hand it off to someone else and play dumb afterwards? Yes. Was he a saint? No. Are people idiots for acting like he was? Of course, that’s why I’m writing this.

What should happen next? These other bastards should all serve prison time and experience a little man on man rape themselves. And Sandusky should be executed.

With all due respect,

The Chief