Celebrity Asshole Kids

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Celebrities. We fucking hate them.

What do we hate more?

Their goddamn kids.





I don’t care about Suri Cruise or Beyonce and Jay-Z’s little bitch.

Worst of all there’s Will Smith and Jada Pinkett’s fucking brood.

It’s bad enough those two are in movies, now we have to have their kids shoved down our throats? That damn Jaden Smith is in movies and he’s the new Karate Kid. Who know’s what he’ll be in next. Probably Robin in yet another Batman reboot.

Even worse is Willow Smith, their daughter.

Does she have a movie? No. She has a music video, though. It’s hideous.

Anyway, this shit’s been out for years and you unlucky bastards probably are aware of the ineptitude already.

Here’s a novel idea. What if celebrities encouraged their brood to be doctors or scientists? What if parents and kids saw them as role models and decided to do the same?

Maybe we’d have less morons trying out for American Idol and The X-Factor.

One can only dream.

I’m sure they’ll keep breeding like all the other idiots and fucktards that follow their lives and will continue to eat up all their bullshit.