Black Friday – Further Proof that People are Idiots

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Sure. With this economy we need any push we can get.

Buy stuff. Buy stuff. Buy stuff!!!

Who doesn’t like a good deal? I know I do. These days money is tight and many of us are questioning whether we really need that latte this morning or should I buy the store brand gallon of milk to save 60 cents.

BUT WHO ARE THESE RETARDS who are getting to the stores at midnight so that they can save $50 on a $800 flatscreen or be guaranteed that you get the hot Elmo-Jerks-Himself-Off for your two year-old who’d be happy playing with an empty box?

Come on. I had a couple friends call me to let me know of their Black Friday Adventures. How they got there, found what they needed in the first twenty minutes then spent 2-3 hours in the checkout line. I’m certain there are worse places to be, but for me, I would have to compare it to something out of Dante’s Inferno.

Now for those of you who partake in Cyber Monday: Right On.

In fact, do it while you’re at work. Stick it to the man! Make money while you save money.

Just don’t tell us about how awesome it was.

No one cares.


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