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Do your research and you will find a product to meet your needs. First I found the processor, GenCanna, which is a member of the US Hemp Round Table Association. They are setting the standard for all future Hemp production and certification programs. And they are also behind the 2018 Farm Bill currently going through the House for approval.

I have FIBRO- what I’m reading in comments seems to indicate that different types of nerve pain seem to require different cannabiods like cbd oil vs thc or combos. Even if you can’t buy from them b/c you don’t live in that state or country. Will the marijuana CBD oil get me high (not interested in that). I live in Colorado and it seems to be cheaper with a card than the hemp cbd oil. The worst is the severe fatigue, brain fog, and stomach cramps.

Their product goes to a partner distribution company and that is where I purchased the CBD oil. Now I am an affiliate of this company and sharing with everyone that wants to find relief and supplement their Endocannabinoid systems. I pray you find a great product and continue to experience the relief you have found. Hi Donna, I like you have lived with fibromyalgia since 1991 and then was diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome in 2009. My doctor however, felt I had been living with SS much longer than the fibro.

I continued putting the drops under my tongue for the next week until my sample bottle was empty, and as I did so, it relieved the majority of my pain. Well, it depends on if your CBD product is made from marijuana or hemp.

I haven’t tested it in a bit, but find it to be working great also with some of my blood work results & blood pressure. I read about American Shaman hemp CBD oilin a Facebook group and decided to try it. When I received my oil, I used it sublingually every 6-8 hours. After my third dose of CBD oil, I noticed the pain in my lower extremities was greatly reduced.

Anyway, I like you was ready to throw away my nursing license and turn to marijuana for some relief to the continual pain throughout my body. I had tried all the medicines in the past, only to have them effect my organs in some way and had to just get through the pain on a daily basis with very little. I had discovered a natural muscle relaxant that helped some, Formula 303. For my gastro paresis I have used a natural product called Gastrex. And I too have osteoarthritis, so the anti-inflammatories available were not good for my stomach.

Thus far, the feds have not sought to challenge these state laws. Some unscrupulous hemp CBD sellers are ripping off customers. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has cited numerous companies over the years for making illegal health claims and selling products containing little-to-no CBD. Some tout it as a great alternative for people who are seeking the medicinal benefits of cannabis, but who gave up smoking pot when they graduated college (or never used it in the first place). Readers should note that the regulations and data surrounding marijuana, CBD, and other related products are still developing.

All marijuana-derived CBD products are still federally illegal because marijuana remains listed as a schedule I drug, equivalent to cocaine, heroin and other highly addictive and destructive drugs. At the state level, however, 47 states have passed legislation as of January 2019, allowing marijuana-based CBD for best CBD gummies medicinal uses.

Even tried low dose hydro-cortisone for awhile with too many side effects. The only Cbd I ever bought were both from organic Vt. producers whose products were great but only 25mg of cannabinoid per dose…so between my Lymes, Fibro & Arthritis pain I needed higher doses. So started on my own….I have had a person with stage 4 cancer take mine for relief….he claimed it was 1,000 mg per serving with 0 THC when home tested.