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The Chief

The Buffett Rule is An Exercise in Bad Math

tax fairness

I’ll make this brief because I know most of you can’t take politics, taxes, and math all in the same post. The basic premise of the Buffett Rule is that anyone with an income over $1-million should pay at least 30% of their income in taxes just like people in the middle class. Here’s the…

The Beatles 2.0 – WORST IDEA EVER!

Somethings are impossible to recreate. Somethings are too sacred to be considered for recreation. And somethings are just really bad ideas. And somethings are all three. The Beatles – Next Generation is a perfect example. During an interview with James McCartney, BBCs Ian James asked James if a Beatles – Next Generation band was a…

YOU make me want to Puke Rick!


  I can’t believe I’m writing another post about Rick Santorum. I would have thought by now people would have stopped listening to him and maybe they have. Maybe the news media is keeping him out there to distract us from how bad the Oscars were (not that I watched). Over the weekend Ricky-Dicky made…