Atheists: My fellow idiots…

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Atheist Billboard Boner

Perhaps not....

Atheists: My fellow idiots..


This was a point brought up on the Adam Carolla podcast, and I just had to expand on this latest wave of organized Atheists. The above picture is the latest example of the Atheist Movement’s attempt to send it’s message to the status-quo, and once again they get it all wrong. I consider myself an Atheist, but more and more I find myself at odds with the large part of official Atheist modus operandi.


I’m not sure what the particular motive is here. How is this type of publicity productive to getting along with our religious counter parts? This statement is not only incorrect, it’s pretty confrontational. I’m frustrated with maniacal faith-heads as much as the next Atheist, but this seems counter productive to validating our message. As an Atheist, I just want to be left the hell alone. This kind of inflammatory marketing only makes me the whipping boy for every religious person who wants to gripe about this ad. Granted, it was intended for Valentine’s day, but I still don’t understand what they hoped to gain outside stirring up trouble.


Sex is the one act that consistently forgoes all belief systems, second only to death. This was a topic that Atheism quietly had the upper hand on. Religious guilt is a stronger fulcrum for sexuality than Viagra, Ecstasy, and Cialis combined. The most enjoyable byproduct of religion and my fellow Atheists had to shit on it. Thanks. I wish these groups would think before trumpeting their own blatant naivety regarding human sensuality. Sex is an issue that solves itself, people are going to do it regardless of who they do or don’t pray to.


Any man worth his salt in the bedroom can tell you that there’s nothing hotter than a deeply religious woman shedding her morals when the lights go out. (This may be true for men as well, but I’m not a woman and I’ve never really hung out at highway rest stops long enough to find out.) I’m assuming they meant that without religious guilt, Atheist lovers are more uninhibited. There may be some truth in the math of that declaration, but experience dictates otherwise.


Moreso, outside of my piggish proclivities in the bedroom; this ad lends zero credibility to furthering Atheism as an acceptable belief system to those who demonize it. If anything, it’s furthering the gap to mutual coexistence. This is just more proof that people of any creed are largely numbnuts. Thanks a lot to Backyardskeptics for making my life just a little bit harder.


This is a problem with Atheism as an organization. They are making a religion of their own, and don’t seem to realize it. At least the religious archetypes have the benefits of unity and insanity. In respect to the groups funding this ad, it just seems like a straight shot of insanity. I want a larger voice to champion our views as a non believers, but I want that group to do it in a way that isn’t so sickeningly childish.


In the end, not everyone is going to agree. It’s our job as human beings to get along and care for each other despite our differences. Compassion is just as sweet no matter the vehicle it arrives in. This is a lesson that organized Atheism misses as much as any religion might. I read a shared post on Facebook that sums up this article very well and I think appropriate to close with.


“Dear World, Religion is like a penis. It’s fine to have one and it’s fine to be proud of it, but please don’t whip it out in public and start waving it around… and PLEASE don’t try to shove it down my throat.” ~ unknown.


This applies to EVERYONE. Atheists too. Thank you.