Are you scared of Muslims? – A Different Kind of Halloween-time Post

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When you see women in burkas at the mall, do you feel your sphincter tighten, just a bit?

When you pass a guy on the street in a turban do you just for a second think, whoa what’s he up to?

If you are on a plane and a man with a traditional muslim beard and maybe a kurfi (the small cap) walk on the plane and sits in first class do you start to flash back, even momentarily, to the news reports of the 9/11 attacks?

If you answered yes to any one of these, I think its safe to say you are scared of Muslims.

If you answered no, you’re either Muslim, you’re medicated or you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years.

In either case, I think as Americans and Europeans we have some justifications to our fear, but I don’t know if it should be as intense or as overarching as it seems to be. Truly there are some scary muslims that do and say really horrifying shit.

How do I know this? They’re all over the media dummy. The media has done an excellent job of painting Islam as murderous and Muslims as radicals.

Which makes the story about NPR’s Juan Williams sacking seem a bit strange. NPR fired Juan Williams after he admitted that he gets nervous if he’s on a plane and someone with a traditional muslim appearance comes on the plane.

It would seem that if you are honest about your personal feeling, NPR doesn’t want you. Now I personally feel that this was just a good excuse since I’m sure NPR has been pissed about Williams appearing on Fox News over the last few years. It was during an interview on Fox News that William gave this admission.

NPR stated that  his remarks were “inconsistent with our editorial standards and practices, and undermined his credibility as a news analyst with NPR.” 
Fair enough I suppose. I am an avid NPR fan because I feel that 99% of time the reporters and commentators keep their opinions to themselves, at least when its clearly inappropriate to express them. But Williams was not on NPR, so why the hell can’t he speak his mind?

Oh well, it worked out in his favor anyway. He was given a $2 million contract with Fox like the next day.

Back to scary Muslims though for the last few lines. Why are they scary to you? Are you afraid they are going to waltz into your favorite mall and blow themselves up? Could happen I suppose, but if you shrink in fear when you see a burka-ed woman, then Osama bin Laden and his crew achieved their goals. They have made you afraid.

Remember though that what you should feel is pity. For the most part, muslims outside this country live under the rule of fear, particularly women. Those that live here and in other western countries can tell you that they came here to escape the oppression of the muslim governments they left behind. In most cases they left everyone they knew behind as well. Most muslims are quiet, decent, hardworking people and they deserve a little more respect.

But then again, you can’t be too careful.

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With all due respect,
The Chief

  5 comments for “Are you scared of Muslims? – A Different Kind of Halloween-time Post

  1. Anonymous
    October 21, 2010 at 7:26 pm

    Absolutely great topic Chief. I struggle with this as a Bible believing Christian who has worked with a Croatian Muslim that was as close to a friend as a someone I managed could be. The answer is in this case, his Muslim beliefs are far different from the radical Muslim beliefs often taught in the Middle Eastern countries. It's important people know where Islam and Christianity derive from. Abraham was the man the Lord started civilization with after the Adam and Eve debacle. Abraham was over 90 years old when he and his wife were told by the Lord they would concieve a child. His wife laughed, she was 93. Knowing her husband wanted a child she offered their maid Hagar to him for a child. He did it and his Childs first name was Ishmael. Afterwards, just as the Lord said, Abrahams wife conceived his second child Isaac. When Abraham asked the Lord to bless his first child, the Lord refused as he was conceived out of wedlock. The Lord blessed Isaac who was born of a married couple. From the lineage of Ishmael comes Islam, from blessed Isaac comes Christianity. The war has gone on since then. The Bible tells Christians that the "enemy" will train his army on your land. The #1 name given to newborn boys in England right now is Mohammed. There are three mosques being built for every one American church, right now. Radical Muslim countries like Iran, Syria and the Palestinian state are trying to get Israel to divide up Jeruselum right now when the Bible says clearly not to. Coincidence? No. There are very good Muslims that don't believe in killing infidels, but there are some that do. If you don't know the story, how do you distinguish? We don't teach the Bible. The reason we are weak and they are strong is THEY BELIEVE in their Koran even though it isn't the Truth. Nothing in it is proven like the Bible. It's just teachings without true prophecy which I talked about before. It's a false doctrine. Christian truth is being attacked in the courts, in schools, on television, in foreign countries…everywhere, meanwhile we have to respect all the false beliefs. Juan Williams is a Christian that knows the Truth. He can't say it's because of his Christian views but he had the guts to say something. I'm not a fan of his, but he's right. He didn't say all Muslims scared him. Anyone that speaks of a Christian belief will be attacked. You can speak of gods, but not of Jesus. We can't speak negatively of Mohammed or we're hatemongers, but Jesus is being removed from the world daily. Why? He who believeth on the Son will live forever. What is so bad about that message of hope and faith? Why is that so bad? I'd like to hear some answers that make sense…

  2. Anonymous
    October 21, 2010 at 8:27 pm

    I should add, there are bad Christians also teaching and preaching a false doctrine. Especially the Catholic church which will be judged severely by the Lord. Not Catholics that think they are being taught truth but the church as a whole. You don't pray to a dude in a big hat, you don't tell people what to pray for or pass out judgement based on man's opinion or word, only the Lord's which He has clearly given us with the Bible. Pass the messages on, don't judge or make people say five hail mary's and all that other nonsense. Telling people what chapter or church in their area they must go to, etc etc. Going to church every Sunday and singing Amazing Grace makes you know more a Christian than putting lipstick and bow on a pig makes it a poodle. It's not what you believe, it's what you obey. Satan believes in Jesus, he just doesn't obey. You might as well be labelled a radical also. To know right from wrong and do wrong is Sin. For that we need the forgiveness through the blood of Christ. That's the Gospel and that's the Truth whether you believe it or not. Poison kills whether you believe it or not. Jumping off a cliff without a parachute or bungy cord kills whether you believe it or not. You will answer to the Lord for the rejection of the Son, whether you believe it or not. You may not bow today, you may not bow tomorrow, but you will bow before the Lord. "For every knee will bow and every tongue will confess." Every. Denying or not believing does not mean you will just stay in the grave. Noah preached the same sermon for 120 years…"the storm is coming, get on the boat." The bigger lesson from the story of Noah is, Noah didn't close the door of the Ark and leave millions behind, the Lord did. I say to all of you today. The storm is coming, please get on the boat. The consequence is that which you do not want to face. I'm not just saying these things so you agree with my viewpoint, I promise you that. Hell is real and horrible and on Judgement Day, non believers are described as screaming, crying and mashing their teeth as they find out Jesus is real and the Lord's wrath is given out. Gone with the Wind is a good book, Dr. Zhivago is a good book, the Bible is the living, breathing Word of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and it never comes back void. Please read it and compare it to Foxnews and the happenings of the world past and present. The irony of the Bible is, it's been on your table, in your hotel room and many other places for thousands of years yet your library is full of lies and intellectual garbage. It says the downfall of man will be that of which he does not know. What don't we teach? What are we trying to remove from the earth? Don't continue to let Satan decieve you with Evolution, Scientology, Islam, Budhism, Aethism and all the other man made jargin that can't be proven at all. It's lies and the end is death. Don't do this to yourselves or your children people, please. I promise this nation is crumbling for one reason…we've moved away from the foundations of that Word. Don't be a World Full of Idiots that one day realize too late that the reason it's 2010 all over the world no matter what the religion of any country is, is because Jesus died on the cross so you can live in Heaven forever 2010 years ago. Since then, man in all is "genius" has been trying to find a way to avoid Judgement. It won't happen, whether you believe it or not. – Ben Neely

  3. The Chief
    October 26, 2010 at 7:26 pm

    To those that voted in the poll and voted that the question was in poor taste I say you are a fucking coward. If its in poor taste leave a comment and say why. Otherwise take your spineless, head-in-the-sand ass back over to Perez Hilton or whatever useless shit it is people with no real opinions end up.

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