All’s Fair in Love and War, Idiots…

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Of course, by now you’ve heard about the video circulating of the Marines pissing on the dead bodies of Taliban fighters.

Holy shit, people are up in arms about it. In an official statement from Afghanistan they stated, “The Islamic republic of Afghanistan is demanding the investigation and punishment for the solders from the U.S. government regarding this film as soon as possible.”

Our Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, condemned the video and said, “I have seen the footage, and I find the behavior depicted in it utterly deplorable.” He also added that there will be an investigation into it and the soldiers would be punished.

Here’s the extent of what their punishment should be. The superior officer of the Marines should pull the guilty soldiers into his office and tell them, “Guys, you shouldn’t have done that, and by that, I mean, videotaping. Next time you piss on the body of these religiously brainwashed fuckheads have the common sense not to capture it on video so that it goes viral all over the world. You’ll put our leaders into a spot in which they have to act like it’s deplorable and then have to waste military funding doing an investigation to find out who it was.” Of course, he would be rolling his eyes as he spoke this run-on sentence. He would then end the meeting with, “Carry on.”

Why the hell should we be punishing our soldiers over this? Especially the Marines. Those guys are bad ass killing machines. So they need to occasionally piss on the corpse of their enemy. The very enemy who’s trying to kill them in their cowardly, dishonorable ways with IEDs. Fuck it. Let them. These guys see enough shit.

If you’re one of these people who think they should be punished beyond the awesome scenario I established above then you are an idiot. Don’t start rationalizing that they’re not keeping the world safe for democracy. They’re out there risking their lives to hunt down the very people who, not only are responsible for the deaths in 9/11, but are threatening every civilized country in the world with their zealotry. What a bunch of dicks.

To the Marines in the video, hell, all Marines:

Piss where you want. You’ve earned it.

Thanks – Darth Taco