All Of Your Hard Earned Money Is Not Going To Lazy Bastards That Won’t Work

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The loss of the election by the right has thrown them into a hissy-fit of epic proportions.

The number of crazed posts on Facebook this morning predicting the end of America, thanking blue-staters for fucking their kids’ futures and for giving their hard earned money to lazy mother fuckers that refuse to work must have been in the hundreds on my newsfeed by 9am this morning.

I had to early on set a few things straight about the election, the president and how no election is going to destroy the greatest nation on the planet, but the more I read these rantings I have come to a more finely tuned perspective on the source of some, if not most, of the red angst.

Money, or specifically who gets it.

The common theme in these post is anger over welfare and how welfare programs are such an undue burden on the economy that it is cause our massive debt. I’ve looked at these numbers before, but thought the in the light of the post-election fury I’d revisit this topic, so here are some hard facts.

Our federal budget for 2012 called for $3.78 trillion in spending, of which the basic breakdown is :

  • 24% on Defense
  • 22% for healthcare
  • 22% on government pensions
  • 12% for Welfare programs
  • 4% on education (which is a fucking travesty)

So of the nearly $4,000,000,000,000 we will spend, roughly $451,000,000,000 ($451 billion) is marked for Welfare.

Within the Welfare spending there are a few programs that I am sure are the general sources of this “welfare state” argument; food programs and supplemental security income or SSI. In case you are unfamiliar with SSI, its a program that gives disabled people an income to buy basic necessities like clothes and shoes, things that you can’t get with food stamps. Disabled meaning blind, mentally impaired, physically impaired, or crazy and in some cases just old.

Now for clarity, lets look at who the receives food stamps; 41% are working and 49% are white. Probably not what you were expecting.

The sum of the food stamp and SSI programs is $162 billion. The balance of the welfare spending is unemployment benefits and housing programs. I would have to believe that at nearly 8% unemployment, the unemployment benefit expense should be self-explanatory.

Now assuming these people that are ranting and raving about lazy, good-for-nothings screwing the systems so they can sit at home and watch Jerry Springer, we have to look at how much fraud there is in the system. A group of 3000 social program fraud investigators recently concluded that the rate of fraud in the food stamp and SSI programs is about 3%. And when they say fraud, they are talking about people that could be working that aren’t or people that claim more dependents than they have, et cetera. What is not factored are the mothers that have 5 kids so they can be on welfare, but I’m not sure there’s a way to quantify that.

3% of $162 billion is $4,860,000,000 ($4.86 billion) or 0.12%, LESS THAN 1% of the total budget. Now, not the any amount of money the includes the word billion is something to sneeze at, but as an impact on our budget or our deficit, this fraud is not the deal breaker they are screaming about.

Now if we add an extra 1% to the fraud number to account for the 5-kid mothers, this still makes the fraud of the welfare system less than two tenths of one percent.

If we assume that all of those who voted for Romney feel this way then we have 57,810,390 people; who are presumably tax payers. This means then that each of the 57 million taxpayers paid $81 too much in taxes that was used by scumbags that are fucking the system.


The world is ending over $81.00

I think we need to look somewhere else, don’t you?


With all due respect,

The Chief