Al Sharpton – Cartoon Hater

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While the smoke still floated from Sean Delonas’ pen I doubt he thought that he had created such a controversial illustration. I also doubt that when the Washington Post ran the cartoon, they really thought that people would draw the conclusion that the chimp was our president. I also doubt that people equate black people with chimpanzees, or if they do, I doubt that anyone takes them seriously.

But there was one guy who drew these conclusions for us and threw his hands into the sky and thanked Jesus for another opportunity to grab TV time and get his bad afro-mullet ass in the papers, AL SHARPTON.

So we here at want to invite you Reverend Sharpton to join the other celebrity assholes at the biggest rally of them all, the AMERICA THINKS YOUR ARE FUCKING RETARDED march. Its happening right now as we consider the ridiculousness of your position on this cartoon, how by throwing a big shit-fit over it that you just confirm a dangerous stereotype that I am sure you wish would die, you know the one; the ALL RELIGIOUS LEADERS ARE FULL OF SHIT stereotype. Thanks though, every little bit of confirmation helps the cause.

By the way did it ever occur to you and the other douche bags that you gathered in New York and had sign a petition to demand advertisers stop using the Post that you are jeopardizing the jobs of 2600 people during one of the worst economies in 30 years? Probably not, because since you live off the tit of the stupid; the money you steal from the idiots in your flock, prevents you from directly experiencing the fear of job loss.

At any point in your screaming and yelling over the cartoon did you think that you are preventing all of us from forgetting and moving on from racism, segregation and stereotypes? Probably not because that would mean that you actually think ahead and that you are capable of giving a damn about people over your need for TV time.

Al Sharpton EAT SHIT!

With All Due Respect,
The Chief

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  1. The Chief
    February 24, 2009 at 5:30 pm


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