A New American Reality – The Jobless Want to Stay Jobless?

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As some of our readers will remember I tend to be the political commentator of the group and I try not to promote one bias over another. However I am a business owner and as such I see things from a perspective that is affected by my experience. Part of what I do in the management of my business is hire people to be part of our team, and when they do not perform to the level we expect I also have to fire them. Knock on wood, in the twenty-someodd years that I have been in this position, I have never had to let someone go due to a lack of business. I have had to hire in many different ecumenic climates ranging from flatline to near record employment to what is now considered the second worst economy of the American Era. I have used many methods and avenues for finding potential candidates and have meet some interesting people.

But what is going on now is unlike any dynamic I have ever seen. Over the last year, I have been attempting to hire a person in a particularly region of Illinois that had 2010 unemployment averages between 10% and 13%. We have ran ads in local papers, Craigslist, and sites like Monster.com. What we have seen has been down right startling and somewhat depressing.

Just recently we have had:

1)People not return voicemails that include “we just got your resume and it looks good. Lets set up a time to meet and discuss the position.”

2)People make appointments to meet after one or two phone interviews to not only fail to show up but also not bother to call and cancel.

3)People who responded to an ad that clearly states the salary range only to tell us after a face to face interview that they need more money. Nevermind that they have been unemployed for two years.

All of this lends itself strongly to the title of this post, “The Jobless Want to Stay Jobless,” but why?

Is it because they believe that unemployment benefits will be extended ad infinium and eventually termed “early retirement benefits”?

Did we see some kind of fluke a few years ago when unemployment was under 5%?

Are they all living in such a depression fueled fantasy land that they actually believe things will turn around in “just a few more weeks’ and their old jobs will be shipped back to the States?

I think its something much scarier. I think that things like the Occupy movement that typify a serious flaw in the American psyche that was only hidden by our last, most recent period of prosperity, that there is a large portion of people that feel that they should be paid for doing next to nothing. As the Asian and North Europeans have said for decades, Americans are lazy.

This laziness has allowed us to sit back and watch while our leaders fuck us at every turn, while corporation move our factories and jobs to other countries, while our government takes away our privacy and while our schools stop teaching our kids. We have become so lazy that we don’t even have the balls to stand up and do anything about it. Instead we lay around waiting for our next unemployment check in the hopes that (insert your favorite political party) gets kicked out and the new guys fix everything.

The Occupy movement has it wrong, at least in part. It’s not as simple as the 1% versus the 99%. It’s the unquantified number of freeloaders and shitbirds versus those of us who work for a living, keep other people working and if we lost our job tomorrow would go pick soda cans off the side of the highway and sell pretzels at stoplights to keep ourselves at least partially independent of the State.

Before you start mouthing off that not everyone that is jobless is so due to their own action, don’t be stupid. I know that, but you have to acknowledge that there are those within the ranks of the unemployed who find themselves very happy with their situations and plan to do nothing more than email their resume once in a while to keep their benefits case worker happy as they will milk this unfortunate set of circumstances for every dime they can get.

The solution? Fuck I don’t know, but I can tell you what the result is going to be if something isn’t done to turn around the entitlement attitude of a large portion of Americans. The complete decline of our country to a state of a 2nd world economy and a the complete loss of what little bit of pride we have left.

With all due respect,

The Chief