100 Rounds of Golf and other Meaningless Critiques of our Leaders. It’s Time to Get Real.

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On June 17th of 2012, President Obama played his 100th round of golf as the POTUS. He is in the top 5 of prolific presidential duffers. George W. Bush only played 28 rounds in his 8 years as president.

So fucking what.

George Bush took 967 days of “working vacation” during his terms as the leader of the “free” world.


Mitt Romney owns 3 homes worth a combined $20 million.

Mitt Romney’s wife bought a horse that’s going to perform in the Olympics.

And I care, why?

These are just some of the superfluous comments I’ve seen on Facebook and other social sites critiquing our leadership and I have to ask…

Is that all you got?

The American public must really not get how things work. It’s probably because most of them are under-educated (something that they will also blame on the government, but I can tell you that I nearly flunk math in 8th grade because I didn’t give a shit, not the president) and have been glamoured like a teenage girl in a vampire movie by the celebrity of political office.

These people are WEALTHY. That’s how they came to be where they are today. Far and away more affluent than I would imagine anyone that reads this. Wealthy people play golf, a lot. They vacation, a lot. They own property…check that, properties. They don’t do the shit we do. That’s why they are leaders being paid by our tax dollars and you are reading this stupid shit.

But you see these kinds of trite, bullshit, highly evocative stories serve our leaders regardless of party by DISTRACTION. These headlines are exactly what they want you to focus on because their meaningless.

The American Moronic Republic, AKA the electorate, sees headlines and hears soundbites that throw them off the scent of the real issues, like:

1)President Obama has been in office for nearly 1300 days and has made good on less than 10% of the things he promised. I don’t want to hear how the Right has blocked him on everything because that’s an excuse. The definition of politics is working between groups to     come to a common solution and from where I stand they both have fucked it up. The president is supposed to bridge those gaps.

2)Our countries debt level is the worst it has ever been. And it gets worse everyday. Again, one of those things that both sides point at each other for. Funny how that works, if its everyones fault then its no ones problem?

3) Band-aiding immigration is not a solution. I’ll be writing on this one shortly but the presidents recent executive overreach is really ridicoulus. Not that he’s the first or will be the last one to exert his will illegally but this one was clearly part of his campaign strategy.

4) I don’t care who you are, you probably pay too little in taxes. When our country owes and spends more that it earns we have a problem and the solutions are not going to be cuts alone. Anyone who thinks otherwise is fouling themselves.

5) There is a real threat that our money will loose its appeal to foreign business turning the dollar into the peso. When foreign banks and business start using currencies like the Chinese yuan or Euros we have a problem and its already started. Bad economic policy is making this a reality.

But do you every see anyone Tweeting this shit?

No. It’s not funny. It’s not hip or snarky.

It’s too real and its scary. And Americans are too fucking dumb to understand it or too lazy to do anything about it.

So what do we do instead? We share a picture of the president playing golf.

It’s time to start paying attention to real news and turn off X17 people.


With all due respect,

The Chief