“Not my President”

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dem-crying-baby-sealKerwah, America

We had two candidates running for President of the United States who were both absolutely terrible choices and people are losing their minds that one of them won!
I expected people to have hissy fits, but good grief, this is a phenomenon that I don’t think we’ve ever experienced.
Because of Facebook we get to see almost all of our friends be absolute crybabies over this or, on the other side, gloat unmercifully as if they accomplished something.
Rather than pick sides behind ONE party, how about demanding more out of each. I mean, come on, were you really 100% behind Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? If so, guess what, YOU ARE WHAT’S WRONG WITH AMERICA.
BOTH parties let us down and will continue to let us down. Quit deluding yourself that one side is better than the other.
Donald Trump will become our new President (still sounds so weird). It will not be the end of our country. Gay marriage will not be reversed. The Wall is not going to happen. Abortion is still going to be legal.
He’s going to get into office and realize that all the crazy shit he promised to his crazy supporters isn’t going to be easy and maybe, just maybe, he’ll make very little difference in four years. Hell, he probably already realizes that all the nutty promises were never going to happen, OR maybe that was his plan all along.
Everyone wants someone to blame for their misfortunes. POTUS is the easiest target and that’s what his campaign focused on. And it worked.
We’re going to be fine.
Quit whining and welcome the NEXT four years of stagnation and in-fighting. Abandon your delusions of your party affiliation and demand more of them over the next four years, or, better yet, get behind an Independent party now because Republicans and Democrats will continue to let us down.